List of my Palindromes

This is a partial list of my one-sentence palindromes (sentences that read the same forwards as backwards). There are some from earlier that pre-date my current email history. I may find them later. I am one of five invitees to the inaugural World Palindroming Championships in New York on March 16, 2012.

Update May 2012: I didn’t do all that well at the World Palindroming Championships but I had a great time and have been busily swapping palindromes with the world’s best ever since.

04 Apr 2013

Eva, can I, pure hero Beowulf, sales-mad, assess a damsel as flu woe bore her up in a cave?
St. Simon, O cellulose wielder, cast a fan of it if on a fat sacred lei we so lull economists.
Draw animals in a mall, or roll a man I slam in a ward.
Now son, is a Celica fast, old as sad lots a facile casino’s won?
Did a radar rub a kookaburra? Dara did.
Mad as a hatter, old Loretta has a dam.
A man appals Eva; waves lap Panama.
Dear Eva Longoria: snobs bonsai Rog, Nola, Vera, Ed.
A man, a plan: I fake esoteric ire to seek a final Panama.
Now Eric, is a Bonn U-bahn a ripening nine-piranha bun no basic ire won?
Raw yoga’s as selfless as a goy war.
Too random: any day a waste gets away a dynamo DNA root.
Tips secret away a water cesspit.
“Otter?” a man asks, “An amaretto?”
Di, partner rotted, I bled, Omanis drowned … Di, hidden words in a model bidet torrent rapid!
Niagara cataract: oh! as Mark rams a hot car at a car again.
Eva, can I pull a tab, or can a lap pass, or can a renal pore an aeroplane ran across appal an acrobat all up in a cave?
Drawers, a net rag, red Nikes net a tense kindergarten as reward.
31 Jan 2013
To get at so pat a fate, pat a pet a fat apostate got.
To larrup some star he’s born under, I had a lad a hired nun robs, eh? Rats, emos purr a lot.
Trades are never on a menu: births are rash, tribune man, or even erased art.
Now Rex, if a senile robot’s red lewdness repaid nine men in diapers, send welders to bore lines a fixer won.
Sex I felt, so pay zoo bastard rats a boozy apostle fixes.
Di can okay a yak on acid.
Enrol on Net to remote-vote Mitt. Time to veto me rotten? No, Lorne!
Reviled, I stole lines, damn it, in mad senile lots I deliver.
Emus said “Well righto, moth tomfoolery: to revive Rome moths, add a mad dash to memo reviver, O Tyre. Lo, of ‘moth to moth’! … girl lewd, I assume.”
Now, fresh Caesar, as each silo meditates, puma isles sever it … new entire vessels I am upset at I demolish, Caesar, as each serf won.
So, ten games reversal set on a node … do nanoteslas reverse magnetos?
Goddesses!” boom I, “no regrets as I drop … or don’t. No drop? Or disaster? … Geronimo, obsessed dog!”
Sex alert: in a mask comes a consort, seam not pure, hair astray, roving in ebony, no benign ivory art sari …ah, erupt on maestros; no case mocks a man it relaxes.
So, lost rats … start solos!
O lost lover, revolt solo!
Tell a bar of DNA,Traci, to re-demand idiot cafes: a base factoid I’d named erotic art, and for a ballet.
Tell a bar of steel, “Flee from Adam or feel fleets for a ballet!”
To get on a spoor, two blesbuck cubs elbow troops a note got.
Devils send a mere home-made man I named a memo: “Here madness lived.”
No Roman ward’s drawn a moron.
No Roman ward’s drawn, a moron saw, as no Roman ward’s drawn a moron.
At arts fora, was a dialytic a decimal sign in a waning Islamic edacity laid as a war of strata?
Senile felines’ DNA may allot a partisan an abseil lewdness: send wellies, bananas I trap, a toll, a yam and senile felines.
A tiny mo to bolster gerontocracy, Nita … now I won a tiny car cot ‘no regrets’ lobotomy, Nita.
Steel feet up: manipulate metal up in amputee fleets.
“No bar got stops, so my mate got tops!” rhymed arty Amy … eh, they may trade my HR spot to get Amy moss pots to grab on.
“We,” I’ve radiated, “act if nuts omit sums. We,” I’ve regarded, “named names. I was a dog fired. Now I see referees, I wonder if God, as a wise man, demanded rage reviews. Must I, most unfit cadet, aid a review?”
Stroppy grim emir, gyp ports.
Foe dispute Goths in a vile billet, so more Zero Mostel libel I vanish to get upside of.
Retsina can rub it in, rub it in, rub it in … maddened, damn it, I burn it, I burn it, I burn a canister!
Now I saw one Capitol a lot, I pace now as I won.
“Di, a sign is reversed … one node’s reversing!” I said.
“To panic is umbrage taken in,” I say, “so can a cosy asinine Kate garb music in a pot?”
To bore nodes in ozone, men ozonised one robot.
Tie solo telomes on rats, add a star-nose mole to lose it.
One vow ignites rocks, a mad fogged egg of damask corseting I wove, no?
“To grab a hernia gamut, orcs on PCP, no scrotum again!”: rehab argot.
Red now, son, is a cadet tops if I spotted a casino’s wonder?
We see referees I’ve datelined at a den; I let a devisee referee sew.
My god … I do gym!
To canonise mildew, angelic oddnesses send docile gnawed limes in on a cot.
Shahs say, “Lisa, enemy rota valets abdicate lots, to let acid baste lavatory men easily as shahs!”
Emir, casinos rate you ‘droopy poor duo’, yet arson is a crime.
Bonsai zany Nazi: a snob.
Dew, angel, bides til it’s in a van: it (in a van) is (’til it’s edible) gnawed.
Sex of rats too rote to root star foxes.
Dawn warp sets a Thai’s semen off: one messiah tastes prawn wad.
“So, obese booth promoter, adieu! Grasp mighty metal, O sedate goth, to get a desolate myth!”, gimps argue, “I dare to morph to obese boos.”
Set acolyte cinema lateness, or call a sisal lacrosse net a lame nicety locates.
Draw no rosy awe-distorting issue damsels in isles made us sign – I trot sideways or onward.
War distracts if I cap pacifist carts I draw.
War distracts if I caper up pure pacifist carts I draw.
War distracts if I caper up misting-up minacities: old “oh, we see grammar” geese who’d lose it I can impugn; it’s impure pacifist carts I draw.
Rot: can a leper’s sarcosis outrival odd-natured art-trade rut, and do L.A. virtuosi so crass repel an actor?
To lash Tab’s redness re Kate, gas semi-zany Alp-side women, Nemo … we display Nazi message-takers/senders’ baths a lot.
Was a noted actor at a role gnawed, limp, mad as a damp mildew angel or a tarot cadet on a saw?
Pupils Edison televised argue I limit cacti milieu grades … I’ve let no side slip up!
Peels are venerated; I banish a jar; rajahs in a bidet are never asleep.
Sonar-possessed dogs sass goddesses’ sopranos.
Sevilla’s reversal lives!
Tractor races sap a passe carrot cart.
Yaks send no fleets to help Miss Kay stir a war … it’s yaks’ simple hot steel fondness, Kay.
Emil, sea glamor: free beer from algae slime!
Sniff octupled Omanis a bared nude divided: under a basin, a model put coffins.
My gay bed: ample help made by a gym.
So tokening: no man among nine kotos.
He’d idolised a memo he’d insatiably made in Oman: a monied amyl bait a snide home-made silo did, eh?
“Nadia set one factoid in an idiot cafe,” notes Aidan.
In a monad, Emma jammed an Omani.
Derek (or Bev) is told I may can its boys some pirate got warm air off, for I am raw to get a ripe mossy obstinacy amid lots I’ve brokered.
Sit, idiots, among no mastoiditis.
Deepened and ebbed, Na-Dene peed.
Decide wet sacred nudes are nailed at a deli: an erased under-caste we diced.
Do I repel it so her Omani shah’s in a more hostile period?
An insider breeds deer bred now to grow or got wonder-breeds deer bred … is Nina?
At a droopy revel, I file very poor data.
Star in a model firm regrets lobotomy Nazis out-rival, O cola virtuosi: zany mo to bolster germ-rifled Omani rats.

01 Dec 2012
Mel, like most racists, I sniff at symbols … Mel, sometimes it naps away at sots to stay a WASP anti-Semite Moslem slob my staff insists I cart – some kill ’em.
I’m a gal for a taro flag, am I?
Six of diamonds – Lot Nine, men – into LSD no maid fox is.
Some demo held in oil lit so pert necks, I risk centre postillion … idle home demos.
No pun war derailed a task now wonks at a deli are drawn upon.
Nurses I lop, or central art necropolises say: “Asses I lop, or central art necropolises run!”
“Stark narcissi history rots,” I hiss, “I crank rats.”
“To lay a sign-in, I’m at a dog-leg Nana was in … I saw an angel go data-mining!” I say a lot.
Flo got nine men into golf.
Flo, we re-wax a werewolf.
Flaccid, I can assess an acidic calf.
To last six epochs in a den, one Danish cop exists a lot.
Epic eras use vigor eh? A hero gives us a recipe.
Did my gym hero give vigor, eh? My gym did.
Notary trampoline men I lop martyr a ton.
May a wasp martyr art? No contrary tramp saw a yam.
To lay a pig, I pay a lot.
Nemo, we nine risotto ghosts, oh!, got to sire nine women.
Risotto gruel Fleur got to Sir.
Six of a pack radar Ed, nude … lo, holed under a dark cap a fox is.
To lay a big genital Latin egg, I bay a lot.
Traci, ten egrets amp up a telecast if its ace let a pup master genetic art.
Trade reviled rats for a can I tie ‘yes’ to: I did eye no men infinitely amid a wad I may let in if nine moneyed idiots eye it in a car of star-delivered art.
Cigar to set a frat society ban, if in a byte I co-star: fate so tragic.
Eva, can I pass Latin egrets no monster genitals’ sap in a cave?
Won’t some mortadella virtuosi grocer uproot a top potato or pure corgis outrivalled at Rome most now?
Now I saw a janissary trample her used art, did trade sure help martyr ass in a jaw as I won?
Now I won my gym node generosities, I cart soil … I ostracise it; I so reneged on my gym now I won.
At a deer field I may assess, a deity so cosmetic is a bad egg and nagged a basic item: so cosy tied asses say amid lei-free data.
At a dwarf-led ET senate, get a nested elf raw data.
I saw red nude tarts no media got; a red nude run I saw … I was inured under a toga I demonstrated under, was I?
I made Rihanna hirsute, familiar, frail: I’m a fetus Rihanna hired, am I?
One lame nob Morton saw was no trombone male, no?
Nurse, I tie dodos, so do deities run?
Deities run at a nurse I tied.
Eva, can I name now one man in a cave?
Name no boy, O bone man.
Nurse id if replaced telepaths I man as an Amish tape let decal perfidies run.
So fuck KC UFOs.
So fuel bar ova for a web, or plan an anal probe war, O favorable UFOs.
Nurse lame free broad, O smurf I tire: pan a gong geek as I label a regal night I won … no, with gin, lager, ale, Bali sake, eggnog, an aperitif, rum, soda or beer females run!
He trades a bedroom for a jar of Moor-debased art, eh?
To get a devil a salami – hot – set one vagina in a man, a Panamanian … I gave notes to him, alas, a live date got.
To help Panama, I am an apple, hot.
So memoir an ecstasy trap; at a party sat scenario memos.
Some “my go!” lot (corpses unassimilable to Hotel Bali, ass assailable to Hotel Bali) miss anuses’ proctology memos.
Won’t I set a gentle fix I felt negates it now?
Set a gyro-memorial flat, I verify; fire vital flair, O memory gates.
One-litre free beer … fertile, no?
Title for patented act: “Ah, that cadet net, a pro felt it”.
To get a looter, I alcohol-oscillate my baby metallic solo ho Claire too late got.
Did I, an annoyer, prey on Nana? I did!
Enola, I may ball a wallaby … am I alone?
Set Al up: it’s wallaroos’ turn in rut, so oral law stipulates.
Ev, a hot sure droid named Samuel, I stipulate, may array a metal up its ileum as demand I order us to have.
Pure papyrus unites a test case, so Moses’ act set a “set in usury” paper up.
To get a man a toe diva for a stalagmite you’d assess a duo, yet I’m gala tsar of a video tan a mate got.
Desserts rot: can a model umlaut rival a virtual muledom an actor stressed?
Won’t I stress Anais surpassed dogs as, goddess, a Prussian asserts it now?
St. Ned is sideways at scenes I redamage, Mona; an omega made risen ecstasy awe dissidents.
My god, a rep sedates pupils as a slip upset a desperado gym!
Tibetan royal piano revue I’d assess – “Adieu, Verona!” – I play ornate bit.
Gab too late: get a loot bag.
To bore malarial animals, slam in a lair a lame robot.
Set amputee feet up, mates!
“Naomi Sir bedded, as I lap nisei babies in palisaded debris!” I moan.
“To lame his anal passage, drag desire in”: no bonnier is Edgar Degas’s ‘A Plan’ as I hem a lot.
Sir, bed dim Ann amid debris.
Now if I tire, pan an aperitif I won.
Tiny rare nit in a stiff umbrage-garb muff: it’s an itinerary nit.
Turrets amid a citadel I’m set afore hail a minaret to honor-pay a pro  – no hotter animal! – I, a hero fate smiled at; I, Cad; I, Master Rut.
Some dwarf fatso Thai’s semi-nude life dared nude women in: nine mowed under a defiled uni messiah to staff raw demos.
Enola and Marge let an idea Nita proposed in sadness send a snide sop, or, patinaed in a telegram, DNA alone.
KC. A blade, pistol or tiny sword. Non-drowsy nitro? Lots. I pedal back.
An aileron gives way, so many dynamos yaw … Sev, ignore Liana.
Ten games, Ned asserts, stress a dense magnet.
Now, oh what peccadillo panic in a poll I’d accept! … ah, who won?
Sit, sir, astronomy tests I tile; nag, Nino, two hot sane men as to how toning an elitist’s etymon or tsarist is.
“De-stress, as a web Anna was amid sated a cadet as dim as a wannabe was”, asserts Ed.
“At a droopy arts task label,” back-computed a coder, “a late senile line set a Laredo cadet up … mock cable balks at stray poor data.”
Strafe tarts, Nome duo; you demonstrate farts.
Store nude tarts, Nome: dottier US nisei babies insure it to demonstrate dune rots.
Raw, fresh to gas a demantoid in a sec, nail-laden Rob kayaks Alaska: yak-borne dalliances an idiot named as a goth serf war.
Boss, we Jews a raw Red negates (Putin): it upset a gender war as we Jews sob.
Enola was in a mania, gasping: “No war ruck, sir: ban a man a brisk currawong nips again; a man I saw alone!”
Nurses’ rucksack, a ewe notes, put in a van … it upset one weak cask. Curses run!
Reviled, I never act so late … got to get a lost car even I deliver.
Staple domes; net a pun war; devise varnish to melt rats; startle moths in raves I’ve drawn up a tense model pats.
Live duo YSL label bat Carter’s retractable balls … you devil!
“No mis-sent ewes’ rows sent!” I wailed, “Delia, witness worse wetness I’m on!”
Epochs I fan act as if I sat … can a fish cope?
Parcheesi? No, Pa, ewes run a tele-war era we let a nurse weaponise, eh? Crap!
Parcheesi lad, navigate manned log, as a golden name-tag I vandalise, eh? Crap.
Ali names it in a series on television (“Ill in Illinois”): “I’ve let nose ire sanitise Manila.”
No deer flee from algae’s sea glamor: feel free, Don!
Eureka fate: lies, procedure, notes, put-on oddness revivers send do not upset one rude corpse I let a fake rue.
No medal-like werewolf ward I saw as I draw flow ere we kill a demon.
Did I, senile yet Curt’s boss, obstruct eye-lines? … I did.
“If fo’c’sle personae be most academial crew, or a tar assess a rat, a rower claimed a cat some beanos repel!” scoff I.
“Turn a creep on?” wonder I, tired now, “no peer can rut!”
Don’t I tell a renegade, Sir, Prussia is all it’s drawn inward? … still, Asia is surprised a general let it nod.
Aid and abet agents in a node; karate let a raked onanist negate bad Nadia.
Sex attendees seed net taxes.
Slam in a warm lacrosse net a rapeseed, net tax attendee separateness, or calm raw animals.
One mat tuber upsets a tragus; a rare medevac at a top spot … at a cave, demerara sugar tastes pure but tame no?
Her anime’s sex attracts a vast cart taxes seminar, eh?
Six attracting issues use us: sign it, cart taxis!
“One rut purse is super,” a boss says, “MILFs are voted on as an ode to Vera’s flimsy ass, so bare pussies rupture, no?”
Rattle my poor doggerel, O jackal: feel free, ban a beer, flee flak, cajole Reg, go droopy, melt tar.
Superadd an act I see … fees it can add are pus.
Traci, gamy booths in a vote vanish to obsessed dogs, as goddesses’ booths in a veto vanish too – by magic art!
Stella, mow two mallets.
“No!” sobs GG, “I hate God … if I do, get a Higgs Boson.”
“No!” sobs GG, “I hate God if I snort celery, trample hot snot, or prefer protons to help martyr electrons … if I do, get a Higgs Boson.”
Em, a fungi mag I rotate: got to get at origami gnu fame.
Deer biota ended … neato! I breed!
Emit panties, Revered One … note lots to let one node reverse it: nap time!
“Sue, a ripe tart sullied under a ball?” I wondered, “No … will a bared nude illustrate Piraeus?”
“Sir, a pro seminar’s abroad!” I remonstrate, “Live vile tarts? No, Merida or Basra, Nimes or Paris!”
Name Vijay as sestets essay a jive, man.
Eva, can I draw no secret sesterces onward in a cave?
Trap a tub; draw Otto not toward but apart.
Ais surf, or a star of flesh’s art’ll trash self for a tsar of Russia.
Ais surf on in, or a red nude tart surfs, frustrated under a ronin of Russia.
Aha, is surf or a stasis sad as a sad-ass is a tsar of Russia? … ha!
Party as samurais surf Russia … rum assay trap!
Bonsai sanitary rat in Asia, snob!
One babies’ index evaded a vexed nisei babe, no?
“Tesla, its electron spin’s a snip!” snort celestial set.
No task lustre-pure, not on signed ID Newscorp rocs … Wendi Deng is not one (Rupert sulks a ton).
To lap up one robot’s leers, we now tee two newsreels to bore no pup a lot.
To lay a pissed dog at a deli, fax a file data goddess I pay a lot.
Lionised, one remote tag I vanish to memos some moths I navigate to … mere nodes in oil.
Pals draw flesh, self-onanised, under obese bored nudes in a no-flesh self-ward slap.
Now I may let a lost peccadillo dared nudely, tsar, ban a bra styled under a doll I’d accept so lately … am I won?
To get all I titillate, get all I titillate got.
“Now erase us – sign it ‘Al, legal felon’,”  I message, “Vote me to Vegas: Seminole flagellating issues are won!”
Seven or ten games reverse magnetron – Eve’s.
Did anal sex, if LA covets a wi-fi, waste vocal fixes? Lana did.
God, sell Edna, Mike, Ira, Myra, Gregory, Roger, Gary, Marie, Kim and Elle’s dog.
Nurse Tom, erode proton spin, stipulate metals, slate metal up … it snips no torpedo remotes – run!
GI boots send a man I saw is sent: saved in snide vastness, I was in a madness too big.
“Mad at Apulia, will I kill a Tupelo mafioso if a mole put all I kill”, I wail, “up at a dam?”
“Delia, win me, lose me, damn me; lose damsels if isles made solemn made ME solemn!” I wailed.
Sniff ocelots if I stole coffins.
Toll a city, Lana (name esoteric in a title domain): I, Val, Ron or Lavinia model titanic ire to seem an analytical lot.
Now trade Mandalay car cots I rated: a car often sets a waste’s net for a cadet aristocracy a lad named Art won.
Tie damn warbonnet for a war: often no brawn made it!
Won’t I move vomit now?
Won’t I move to morph to mate lots to let a moth promote vomit now?
Won’t I move to mere mossy ale, Del, as ale delays some remote vomit now?
Heave, Eva, eh?
Eli, manure: garden-mad animals I slam in a damned rage run a mile.
Holes a ewe lives in or taps patronise vile weasel … oh!
“Dudes net Nina Simone veils,” poor troops lie, “venom is an intense dud.”
Level duo: yes, Rae had a hoe, Leo had a hearse you’d level.
Hero, protonemal bits I list … I blame no torpor, eh?
Er … eh, we, sleepy to torpor, rub a burro prototype elsewhere.
A Hanoi saver of lives is evil for evasion … aha!
“To lay as I dash to be sleepy, type ‘else both sad’,” I say a lot.
To pert new arts, animuses net a tense sum in a straw entrepot.
“Even aid an academial corps sass!” proclaimed a Canadian Eve.
To lab, ursine pal! Rig a reviled DNA serum mix a minimax immures, and deliver a girl a penis rub a lot!
Sevilla model bares impassively-lionised udders, as red dudes in oily Levis sap miserable domal lives.
Set a bedlam in a forum: Rumania models inanities I verified; art I trade if I revise it in an isle domain; a murmur of animal debates.
No wonk satanist I bore poor Tara profiled at a deli for paratrooper obits in a task now on.
To lay a gay assessor cadet, cart no ceiling up, mislay orders red royals impugn I lie contracted across, essay a gay a lot.
“Debase tan? I’m all ears!” I say as Israel laminates a bed.
Sex or excite rehab mobs a gas bomb mobs; a gas bomb a heretic xeroxes.
Suez: a flan a cat elicited I erode; moody, doomed or eidetic, I let a canal faze us.
No char one made: yes, we Jews eyed a menorah, Con.
“Now I saw a lad I’m as drowsy as!” Hannah says, words amid a law as I won.
“Too hot to lay asses, so be weepy to torpedo node prototype,” ewe bosses say a lot to hoot.
Sell exuded art; trade duxelles.
‘Til a virtuoso token in a crossed dog field nips in, I may array a mini-spindle if goddess or canine kotos outrival it.
One garb muddle if I field dumb rage, no?
No wit … are tildes used? Literati won!
To demo snide life, demagogy amid evil traps, part-lived, I may go, game-defiled in some dot.
See Peter Pan snap re tepees.
But a tariff fits a bolide, so hosed, I lob a stiff fir at a tub.
Emus nock sedate Lisa’s Pop’s arrow or rasp ops as I let a desk consume.
A tinsel sign I won as I trade sub allies … oh, those ill abused artisan-owing isles, Nita!
Warn a morose lawyer: rush Surrey, Wales or Oman raw.
Eva, can it be defiled? A memo had a home-made life debt in a cave.
No, it’s egg usage bots use: jot a dockside disk coda to Jesus to beg a suggestion.
Pure he, sir, pure hero: dare her every added day, revere her, adore her … up; rise her up!
Eh, cat, Tangier office say “ale disaster germ regrets” as I delay a sec if foreign attache!
Eva, can I put in “I possess a poem or a flan”? … an Alfa Romeo passes, so pin it up in a cave.
Traci, not at a catatonic art!
Not a spirit-senser, a man in a mania grabbed at a deb bargain a man in a mare’s nest I rip sat on.
“Reviled shahs rev Australia? Mere talk!” said I, “ask later; email art suaver shahs deliver.”
Deliver sin, amass orca-node lianas, USA: nailed on a cross, a man is reviled.
Hey babe, butt set on sawn wood in a mown West; ah, that sewn woman I do own was no test-tube baby, eh!
Was godless evil a mass a Mali vessel dog saw?
One tariff I rate, no?
Set on a cross, a mask rots, for a jar of storks amass orca notes.
Live dip I sniff on rubes … oh, those burn off insipid evil!
To good, I, Reg, did, a nob on a didgeridoo got.
Deer gas a wet arena for pay: a profane rate was agreed.
For elk cattle-car events I snidely led in, sew sawn amatory rot a man was (we snidely-led insist) never a Celt tackler of.
Did time stop to help martyr an ace? No. Did one canary trample hot pots, Em? It did!
Well, a man I put a bar up met a tempura bat up in a mall … ew.
“Not Newt! Time’s up, O grim emir GOP use!” Mitt went on.
Tense ire, crossword elite, tiled rows’ sorceries net.
01 May 2012
Delivery men eye kayaks Kay, a key enemy, reviled.
No, devil, is my god an OIC if far-off for afficionado gyms I lived on?
My god! … an OIC, if Fay met a real one, telegrams a reviver as Marge let enol aerate my afficionado gym.
“He was – oh my god! – an OIC … if fanatic in a play, or a televisual cat nastily let, or a rotely lit Santa Claus, I’ve let a royal panic it!” an afficionado gym ho saw, eh?
Senile felines snap a Jesus rat’s parody … do rap stars use Japan’s senile felines?
Sis, use jets act … ah, we revere what caste Jesus is!
Traci times Semitic art.
Traci times it; nastiness elicits a lesser dress elastic; I lessen its anti-semitic art.
Slam in a train a model I evoke; K.O. veiled Omani art animals.
Val, slam in a trap a part-animal Slav.
“Delia, with gin, taste Jesus in a model life saved, a jade vase filled: Omanis use jets at night!” I wailed.
Laminary trams use jade; it tied a Jesus martyr animal.
Retinues net a tense uniter.
Niagara mixes sex I mar again.
Niagara mixed Nina’s title fix: I felt it’s an index I mar again.
“Delia, will I fix a taxi? Not to nix a tax I fill!” I wailed.
“Ere hero-men integrate births?” Lew asks a Welsh tribe, “target nine more here!”
As I let a ripe milder U.S. notary trample hero-monster germs in a groyne, did I deny organism regrets no more help martyr a tonsured lime pirate, Lisa?
DNA lets a ‘wasting nil’ lifesaver add, “Are vase-filling nits a wasteland?”
Tides reverse it: I nab rude liver spots; ’til it stops, reviled urbanities reversed it.
He won’t fight nine Moslem martyr aides, Rowan, across a pass, or can a worse diary trammel some ninth gift now, eh?
He stole no Zodiac I nap on … did no panic aid ozone lots, eh?
So here we who’d net, sew, eh? … to do the West End, oh, we were ho’s.
Won’t one idyll I’ve seen know obsessed dogs (as goddesses bow on knees evilly) die? … not now.
Stacy cares … oh, those racy cats!
Did I say, “Leer from raw sago, be not a potato, pat one bog as warm or freely as I did”?
“To lay as I did is a task cinemas flesh too snidely – led in stubborn ways to let effete lots yawn, Rob, but snidely led – in sooth, self-same Nick sat as I did,” I say a lot.
No evil won: oh, we who live taste Jesus, use jets at evil; oh, we who now live on.
“To lay aside mood-era evil, oh, we who live are doomed,” I say a lot.
“To lay as I live, decide if I tick radar off for a dark citified ice devil,” I say a lot.
To laser a crew or a fit set, test if a rower cares a lot.
To get a dastard-named spot to grade deck cats, animals I slam in a stack ceded argot tops demand rats a date got.
Tim, one memo decides I nab rusks urbanised ice-dome men omit.
Lo, did a mast I held depilate my lion? … oily metal I peddle hits a mad idol!
Sparse vastness nuns sent saves raps.
A papyrus user on gin ignores usury, Papa.
Decidua, Ebony, no beau diced.
“Set a rapeseed net, tamed,” Aidan emoted, “on a sane esk seen as a node to men a diadem attendee separates.”
“A papyral lip acts,” Ruben opines, “Run to have Bev, a hot nurse, nip one burst capillary, Papa.”
No nurse (on a clove most rosy) nips at a spiny sort some volcanoes run on.
Deer fibre here may be damned rag animals I slam in a garden made by a mere herb I freed.
Did I fustily leer far away at some mate lots? … to let a memo stay a war, a freely-lit sufi did.
Revaccinate ten orotund ETs, a wasted nut, or one tetanic caver.
Strap a sane man on to hot no-name NASA parts.
Spots we felt busy revegetating issued amino traces, sap, a roll I baste, grime NASA won, and DNA now as an emir gets a bill or a passe carton I made us sign it at e.g. every subtle few stops.
To lap up Islam in a paganist sense I fire very subtle fixes, for a war of sex – I felt busy – reverifies nests in a gap; animals I pup a lot.
“Deific, a person is a clever animal,” debated a cadet, “A bedlam in a revel casinos repacified.”
Did Islam Red Nose Wednesday let a tsar or a stately ad send ewes on dermals I did?
Hero, to manipulate madness, send a metal up in a motor, eh?
Hero to manipulative ‘No Emo’ spirit, I rip someone vital up in a motor, eh?
“Did some devil-foe cadet on a derailleur cycle, no lock, co-manage bosses?” … so began a mock colonelcy cruel liar Ed, a noted ace of live demos, did.
Snort any dim anus tsunami dynatrons.
One suicide memo: semen I fed to no dynamos and DNA, so many do not define me some medic I use, no?
Define me, snot-seller; appal a Roman in amoral apparel, lest on semen I fed.
No sage can ruffle symbols amid a fad … I’m a slob myself, furnace gas on.
To dire Paris not one sumo triallist is sent, I wot, to witness its ill air; to muse not on, sir, a peridot.
“Slob, my set are never seen!” Ken assesses, “Sane knees revenerate symbols.”
Sage, drag design iPods in as I trap a name now; as I saw one man a partisan is doping is Edgar Degas.
Dew on sties nests in a tastily lit Satan act: can a tastily lit satanist sense it snowed?
‘Golfing’ is a note set on a sign I flog.
To get ads in a monaxon, assess an ox an Omani’s date got.
In a model (bra model!) sin is led, O marbled Omani.
Sane radio bucks irk cuboid arenas, Allah … shall a sane radio buck risk cuboid arenas?
Ganoid arenas nix a lax insane radio nag.
Sane radio nags sass ganoid arenas.
To get a ripe note, ban a bet one pirate got.
Smile Ken! I flee from a dam or feel fine kelims.
An annoyer precipitately let a tip icer prey on Nana.
Put a strata sari on to nip a pinot noir as a tart sat up.
‘Til some may fill ivy amid a fad, I may villify a memo slit.
Andrew, snaredrums are vetted on ox … if I fix on Odette Vera’s murder, answer “DNA”.
Staff on a panic, I mock a ewe now, as I saw one weak comic in a pan of fats.
But at a parrot cadet-like rats stare, kilted actor: rap at a tub.
“Go, ‘drome gateman, erase ‘M’ or ‘D’, nil a panic I mock, co-manage behemoths!” … in a Danish tome he began, a mock comic in a palindromes arena met a gem or dog.
Erotic in a plane, vanilla virtuosi that I meet see what I’m dating is “oh wow!” … two who sign it admit, “Ah, we esteem it … ah, ’tis outrivallin’ a venal panic I tore!”
Live ewes net a tense weevil.
Did I rail: “I’m a foot too fat for canine men in a croft; a foot too familiar!”? … I did!
Shahs draw sneer-grabbing nits away amid a wadi … may a wasting nib bar greensward shahs?
To lap up a tall eye, we now ask Cindarella “tip so hastily, man, or is Sir on amyl?”: it’s a hospitaller ad Nick saw; one we yell at a pup a lot.
Delisting nil, lewd on a llama, llano-dwelling nits I led.
To get upside of a foe, get rococo coral a rococo cortege of a foe dispute got.
“Someone get rocks a madam lifted!” a call eternal comes to some emo sot’s emo clan … re-tell a cadet “film a damask cortege … no emos!”
Rats deliver a red nun robbed at a deli, as I sailed at a deb born under a reviled star.
“Now an infidel god,” I am remonstrating, “is sad if I’d assign it arts no mermaid ogled if Nina won.”
Denim at a disco: discrete data deter CSI docs I data-mined.
Ill, I cable Bernard: “Rats! A bastard ran rebel bacilli!”
Sexily-clad on a divan, I lived as a devil in avid anodal cylixes.
So, Ma, I rotate goths: I wish to get a Tori Amos.
To last bedlam in a star cot, I remotely gratified underbred nudes; so to lose now one solo-tossed underbred nude, I fit argyle to meritocrats’ animal debts a lot.
Odyle to meritocrats, animals I slam in a star cot I remotely do.
“To fly free, no ipecac is outrivaled”, Omani rastas tell, “O ho-clad evil gnoll, long-lived alcohol lets a tsarina model a virtuosic ace pioneer fylfot.”
“No put-ups!”: a wish to moths I was put upon.
Susan I tape gar, ewe’s, auk’s and soosoo’s DNA: skua sewerage patinas us.
Won’t canines I revise carp now to two NPR aces I’ve risen in? … act now!
Ebullient elitist, ah! wax a whatsit I let Neil lube!
“Max is tanning inebriates!” pun animals I slam in an upset air-benign inn at six a.m.
Niagara jade man, you basally did a mad idyll as a buoy named a jar again.
Put a car against a rate so two he diced decide how to set a rat’s Niagara cat up.
So I loft rope to mere remote portfolios.
I’m a giro foe, but as a partisan I gave rupees to nods, madams do not see pure vaginas I trap as a tube of origami.
Trades reverse to not see pure vaginas I trade in Oman; a monied artisan I gave rupees to notes reversed art.
Epochs, ages or an act: can a rose gash cope?
Niagara jade nepotism saps nine men: in spasms, it opened a jar again.
Now did a cat eggnog start a fad I drop, or did a fat rat’s gong get a cad I ‘d won?
To get Adam six estradiol baths in a bidet I cited, I banish tabloid art sexism a date got.
Red robots send a metal up in a mist, unseen; I ate detainees’ nuts I manipulate madness to border.
To get a ripe piratic illicit song, add one more hot reviver to hero-men – odd, agnostic, illicit – a ripe pirate got.
Now in a brutal letting, I sign it: tell a turban I won.
Devil, won’t one filter germ regret life not now lived?
To lay as I lived, I made sure I fire Varenna men: “I pull a turban in a brutal lupine manner a verifier used amid evil, ” I say a lot.
Nurse, dispute lots of UFOs to let upsides run.
Now set on in a model war, psyllas rev in united acts a fast cadet in universally-sprawled Omani notes won.
Time yams traded after germ regret faded arts may emit.
I collar urbanisation, O Mike; we kimono it as I nab rural loci.
Tammy gasps, “Al clasps a gym mat!”
Air a lame soldier – use both teeth to be sure I’d lose malaria.
Tim over-uproots a pit nasties use: it’s antipasto or pure vomit.
To new oddnesses, unaware of a trap, we few part a foe raw anuses send, do we not?
“Part a foe raw anuses sent, ” I wrote, Spartan-like, “rid a foe of a dire kiln, a trap set, or witnesses unaware of a trap.”
To desire-claimed academia, nun awards draw an unaimed academial cerise dot.
Red now, no smirched error: re-tan rutted acts in a task; nip to hate lots to let a hot pink satanist cadet turn a terror red, eh, crimson wonder?
Not in kismetic IT sales nor in Oslo did I manage behemoths I flesh so proximately amid emitted acts a fast cadet timed: I may let a mix or posh selfish tome he began amid idols on irons (elastic items I knit on).
Two new Easter fools sarcasm-riff at a bar, as a rabat affirms a crass loo frets a ewe nowt.
To Grover, two cats I led delist a cow Trevor got.
To get a mate some data, peep at a demo set a mate got.
To get a gelato, I did well as a basal lewd idiot a legate got.
Nurse, dud emo star Elle stole code ill-used under a bared, nude, sullied ocelot seller at some dude’s run.
He’s a gas, eh, some Yank comic I mock … nay, emos, he’s a gas, eh?
Trap a snug net rose laden in poor taste KC: a jerk comic I mock rejackets a troop nine dales or ten guns apart.
Turn one more in a zaibatsu, O my non-anonymous Tab: I, a zanier omen on rut.
“At a droopy revel, if some men owe ivory taxes,” I say as I sex a tyro, “View one memo’s file – very poor data.”
Dopy as sex at an isle ball, I am not upset at net options, as no IT potentates put on mail labels in a tax essay pod.
Heavenward, sir, is drawn Eva, eh?
To lap up a cinematic illicit amen, I cap up a lot.
Demo oddnesses run smarter; are trams nurses send doomed?
A mini-man is to rot a topaz tub (bikes net a taro fee); for at a tense kibbutz, a potato rots in a minima.
“To lay a sewer on some emos, tell lewd emo oddnesses some mosses send … doomed, we’ll let some emo snore,” we say a lot.
To hoot semi-tones, I lit a love by a military media aide, Myra, ’til I maybe volatilise no times too hot.
“Delia, will a foe not seize erbium eyes on a tap in a cross, or can I pat a nosey emu, I, breeziest one of all?” I wailed.
To get a male in a psylla, pat a pally spaniel a mate got.
Nurse, not a few saw tafia snobs sass bonsai fatwas we fat ones run.
“Note,” lisps a hero monk, “no more hasps I let on.”
Ere hogs rot codexes, eh, cache-sexe doctors go here.
Poor disaster germs in emu cellulose so lull ecumenism regrets as I droop.
Rae, droopy men in a cenotaph sift a cat’s umbrage to merge both; to beg remote garb, must a catfish pat one canine, my poor dear?
He spasms in at a sward I made paths in, a dwarf on a car of poop, for a can of raw Danish taped amid raw satanism saps, eh?
But a tennis peer crosses sane men: as a sane men assessor creeps in, net a tub.
Live for a clam in a dell a Cosa Nostra pedlar refers to, lipless even as a sane vessel pilot’s referral departs on a so-called animal car of evil.
“My god is a stark narrow one-disk cabaret lass; I model ransomed animal casts,” a clam in a demo snarled, “O Miss, alter a backside now, or rank rats as I do gym.”
Now sign it, admiral; depress a mad amasser pedlar I’m dating is won.
Now to get a riot to mania, gal, Riga is a martyr, I admit: I’m Dairy Tram Asia Girl again; a motto I rate got won.
Turn in a man in rut.
Turn in, rub rosy obese boys, or burn in rut.
Deb ‘n’ I turn in, rub it now, and put up DNA … won’t I burn in rut in bed?
Turn in a man; rub yams on a clove so old loose volcanos may burn a man in rut.
Ned, rub yams on a cloven instep to help martyred dodos, so dodos so doddery trample hot pets nine volcanos may burden.
Won’t I now bombard a fine myth, Guantanamo woman, at naughty men if a drab mob won it now?
O naughty men, if a Red is no cruel fell imp – maddened derailed animals to nod –  oh we who do not slam in a deli a reddened damp millefleur consider a fine myth guano.
O naughty men, O siren-mad dog, O god-damner … is one myth guano?
“Strap mixers to bored art trade robots,” Rex imparts.
Do off-folio flat ego trials flow at a wolf’s lair to get alfoil off food?
Pussy-obsessed dogs top staff at spots goddesses’ boys sup.
Stir wet alfoil … um, it’s to negate metage, not stimuli of late writs.
Racy nitro martyr, refasten ties in a groin I organise: it nets a ferry, tram or tiny car.
Slab myths I flesh to be bored: I, ugly man, ate lots of UFOs to let an amyl guide robe both selfish tymbals.
Legates set a gel.
But as God lived to bore us silly, did a mad idyll issue robot devil-dogs a tub?
To get alfoiled animals, set a gel namer off, fit sanity, get art sanitary, get art sane, pen a strategy rat in a strategy tin a stiff foreman legates slam in a deli of late got.
Now did a legacy trap a party cage lad I’d won?
Won’t Sam’s name help Marty trample He-man’s mast now?
“Note, LA: I demolish self to help man; I attain ample hot flesh,” silo media let on.
“Enola’s tangelo Ma caught,” I wrote Nan, “in a net, or with guacamole gnats alone!” [per Mark Saltveit: ‘Tangelo, Ma caught a Bath guacamole gnat.’]
Did no contra’s namer of a stiff ode portray a wader ultra-reliably? Rebel, a hero maybe? No, done by a more hale beryl bailer (art lured away, art roped off): it’s a foreman’s art no con did.
May hypocrisy array no benign inning in ebony array, Sir?: copy Hyam.
DNA lets a War Office’s rape note go to get one parsec if for a wasteland.
Tornado-paced wastrel, anodes used on alert saw decapodan rot.
Tornado position I modified amid a pad I made if I domino it: isopodan rot.
“Naomi’s leery tramp saw an actor rot: can a wasp martyr eels?” I moan.
No. Six: if a fire held no freedom any day amid a wadi, may a dynamo deer fondle her if a fix is on?
Now if I see slack cats step on no mat, eye-taming is a sign I mate yet am on no pets stack Cal sees if I won.
Go ban Islam in an evil time, so losses solos emit liven animals in a bog.
Draw a nanowatt ere posted acts in a gross organist cadet’s operetta won an award.
Sex-opted acts in a gross arcane vigor, eh, as a hero’s sore … has a hero given a crass organist cadet poxes?
Sex opening nine positions? … no, it is opening nine poxes!
“Sex-obsessed dogs,” sob men, “emboss goddesses’ boxes!”
Senilely grasping ninth, gilded avenue mossbacks air a dare … “No no!” said I, “As on one radar I ask cabs, some unevaded lightning nips argyle lines.”
Party men enamor female dame made lame from an enemy trap.
Set one wet net no cat set, as it is a test a content ewe notes.
To Panama erudite fate got me, to tag a totem to get a fetid urea man a pot.
Sue, robot nets I listen to bore us.
But a node let a mare in its twenties use it: newts – tinier – a mate led on a tub.
Drawn, in war devised, I assess aides I’ve drawn inward.
“Anal sex alerting is a stiff one, men!” I vote, “Got to get ovine men off: it’s a sign it relaxes Lana.”
“Note Larissa’s anal sex attack cat taxes Lana’s ass,” Ira let on.
No, I tax even one vexation.
A dose I, beer-fat egotist, inure now, as I saw one run “It’s I!” to get a freebie soda.
Now one sacred-named at remodeled art, I named a mafioso if a made man I trade led omerta demander case now on.
“To get a raise,” nod nisei babies, “instil aromas as a moral its nisei babies Indonesia rate got.”
Now still awash Tia felt, ’til foe you be, zebu … O ye of little faith saw all it’s won.
We koto gods do go to Kew.
Traci, penises on decal pertnesses sent replaced noses in epic art.
Smugness, elite yogi: I go, yet I lessen gums.
To law on knees, Eve, we trot: animals I slam in a torte we’ve seen know a lot.
Pull afar again, for a jaw as level saw a jar of Niagara fall up.
Nadia saw denim axed, as some dude Mossad examined was Aidan.
“Red now, so her arse is super: a bow to trollops madams poll, or to two bare pussies?” rare ho’s wonder.
“To lay a rise in, or in a frontal lewd revenge bid,” I beg, “never dwell at nor fan ironies I ray a lot.”
So a total ogre vents: “Uma must never go LA to Taos!”
Ma, alas, one damp martyr I was, as a wiry tramp made no salaam.
Now I saw a siren won a Tony award … nuts essay asses’ tundra way, not an owner I saw as I won.
A lag’s yell upset a ripening nine-potato gewgaw: swag we got at opening nine pirates’ pulleys gala.
Tense, I burn a moron no Roman rubies net.
Semite films in a gross arch self-flesh crass organism lifetimes.
One sure vendetta fine men I fatted never use, no?
Paris to Peru tandem anti-Semites row nine men: in worse times it named nature pots I rap.
Analyst appals, eh? Did he slap Patsy, Lana?
“Yo Brett! “I beg a sodomy gym taster, “germ regrets at my gym, O dosage-bitter boy?”
My gal appalled animals I slam in a sanity tin, as animals I slam in a dell appal a gym.
“Mask lilac IT car part lunacy,” noted artistes say as sets I trade to NYC: an ultrapractical ilk, Sam.
To lay a snack, cuddle honed art I trade: no held duck can say a lot.
Nadia’s posh pat one-cask cortege let Neil call, “a clientele get rocks a cenotaph sops, Aidan!”
Draw nine messy obese boys’ semen inward.
Stress, aye, “no hymen!”: it set nine pore-hot shahs to her open intestine, my honey asserts.
No diamond, else dudes led no maid on.
Now did a lass or cadet send ’em mirth to be by a man I gave rabies or worse to? Now two notes row, Rose, I bare vagina … maybe both trimmed/nested across a lad I’d won.
To get an oil opt, cart no cross, or contract polio Nate got.
Top sedating is safer at Eli’s, as I let a ref assign it a despot.
Sex or exile data no sore zero, son, at a deli xeroxes.
Decider, as re-soldered losers send dog nips again (a man in a mania gasping oddness), re-soldered losers are diced.
Now dispel banana, Nan: an anableps I’d won.
Eva can I start up some demos, say, as some demos put rats in a cave?
A taro man in a bare potato gruel fell impotent, so lay a lost net op millefleur got at opera: ban inamorata.
“Raw emo; snide, taut: can a fanatic aid ozone so lost in a cross, or can it so lose no zodiac I tan?” a fan actuated in some war.
Raw emo sniping: nag at Elroy or let a gang nip in some war.
For at a den rawer of evil ire, peridots led omasa models to dire peril I’ve forewarned a tar of.
Laic if foreplay ordered, negros’ secret nirvana: VR-intercessor gendered royal per official.
Did I snipe nine times: “Semite ninepins!”? …  I did.
Ski on a piste? I’d no evil plan afoot … oh, Pa, nine men in a photo of an alp live on diets I pan … oiks!
“Ref forewent egress?” a man asks an amasser, “Get newer offer!”
Reg remote-radioed Ivan in a video I dare to merger.
Dim, I toss a rod at a man-made wonder I fired … no, we damn a matador as so timid.
Set art intercession a cloven note notes: a nitride dirt in a set one-tonne volcano is secret nitrates.
Yell “A venom!” or feral Goths I woo wish to glare from one valley.
No, it’s egg, used in snide suggestion.
Niagara! Can I, in a car again, taste jets at Niagara? Can I … in a car again?
“Tense in ninth girlie video,” Ida radioed, “I veil right ninnies’ net.”
Eva, can I bonk a knob in a cave?
In a craft, new shahs went far … can I?
In a can, Omar sexes Ramona … can I?
Red, I had an apron or a belt, taciturn in a matey level yet a man in rut: I, cattle baron or panada hider.
To get Amit’s emu, mix a mass a maximum estimate got.
Dahlias I pool sate some demo set a sloop I sail had.
Party ’til aroma’s set, so hate set a hostess a morality trap.
But at a deb bar, Gail had a ho he had: Ah! Eh! Oh! A dahlia grabbed at a tub.
“We foot GI bill,” I cable to her old-lore hotel, “bacilli big … too few.”
Did senile felines’ fire net silt parasites at a dam on a level? A nomad at a set is a rapt listener if senile felines did!
On rose yetis Arapaho open on a casa, can one pooh a parasite, yes or no?
Wash to be wet? … is a rapid awash ’til ore animals slam in aeroliths a wadi parasite we both saw?
Now I saw one raw anus evil lives unaware now as I won.
In a car, a mate takes oral licking aromatherapy to obese booty par, eh? Ta, Morag, Nik, Cilla, Rose, Kate, Tamara … can I?
An aloe dive no marriage lives as evil e.g. air Ramone video, Lana.
Di, “Venom” is an intercessory tyro’s secret Nina Simone vid.
Password “UK”, as I let asses sate Lisa Kudrow’s sap.
So cod I scissor, Leah; cimex aides I minimised; I axe Michael Rossi CSI docos.    [Michael Rossi is the film-maker who covered the World Palindrome Championships]
Mike Rossi is sore, Kim.

14 July 2011

‘Til less rats fool a gumshoe to vote, oh, smug aloof stars sell it.
Nine men inspired a miracled omen, I felt, ’til a little fine model car I made rips nine men in.
“My gym”, nine men intone, “made notes, put eyes on a nose, yet upset one dame (not nine men) in my gym.”
To get a mate sated, a cat Nellie viewed as a sad ewe I veil lent a cadet a set a mate got.
To get a madam on a tram, so smart a nomad a mate got!
But an irate tirade toned, if I denoted a rite, tar in a tub.
“He drew snares in oily moss!”: so my lioniser answer’d, eh?
Til’ it’s nine men in some demos, nine men instil it.
Revered dalliances rape no one-parsec nail ladder ever.
“Madame, nod as aside I roll,” I posited, “a cadet I so pilloried is a sad one, madam.”
So to know I’m lifted across essays on a nosy assessor cadet film, I won kotos.
Shahs nail a most passe legato bass note; tons sabotage less apt Somalian shahs.
Eva, can I brag one row I’d lock rats to got stark cold?: I wore no garb in a cave.
No peek at a deer fed amid a wadi made free data keep on.
To help a mate, go get a maple hot.
Eli frets as I dare to morph to madness: “Do gods send a moth promoter a disaster file?”
Did I help masseuses net nine vignettes’ pull? … I’ll upset ten, given intense Sue’s sample hid ID.
Drawn inward, set ten given intentions in a van: is no IT net nine vignettes drawn inward?
For all I paid for at LA, one dam is a gas I made no altar of Di a pillar of.
Pure bosses sober up.
Pure Bosnia models in an isle domain sober up.
Not new, at a retarded rate, Rat A went on.
Stark nude films: I dash to gym; did my goth sadism life dunk rats?
No disc is a belt item, and ID/name/title basics I don.
A disc is a belt item, and I saw mum in images e.g. a minimum was ID/name/title basics, Ida.
Moths in a Braille domain so bother one tenor eh? … to Bosnia, model liar, banish Tom!
‘Til lesser golliwogs go, will ogres sell it?
Denim at a disco I named I snidely ‘tsk’, styled inside maniocs I data-mined.
For a tsar evens a wine den I was never a star of.
He’s so bored, a crab menaces animals if I slam (in a sec) an embarcadero boss, eh?
For all I paste goo to, Toto too gets a pillar of.
Ogre, help martyr a sordid Rose now as I saw one sordid rosary trample her go.
Lo, did an ogre help martyr ample hotties in a gap in a cross, or can I paganise it to help Mary trample her gonad idol?
But no cabarets yodel: “Can a madness send a manacled oyster a bacon tub?”
Eva, can one post never erode yams I dismayed, or ere vents open on a cave?
Nod: a hobo has no idea men enemaed ions a hobo had on.
“Paganise, yet sense us sing,” I lampoon, “snoop malign issues, nest eyes in a gap.”
“All I’ve seen knackered me,” opened a Na-Dene poem, “Derek can knee Sevilla.”
All I’ve sung is a note set on a sign: “Use villa”.
Many motion a hot dog seller on, a madness I fuss at as sufis send a man or Elle’s god to Hanoi; to my ‘Nam.
One lame faded name drew snares in a gross organ act: “Ah, what can a gross organiser answer?” demanded a female, “No?”
Mel, some lame faded name demanded a female Moslem.
Eva, can irony made from raw ‘oh’s show armor fed a mynor in a cave?
Steel from a Nestle candy bar: ban it, upset it, select it … celestites put in a bra by DNA Celts enamor fleets!

30 July 2010

A nude sitar comedian, I see, Sinai democratised, Una.
As I let a bedroom anode man in, a mate let a man I named on a moor debate Lisa.
“Bosnia gay again!” sob nine men in Bosnia, “gay again – sob!”
Bosoms I gasp at may level a fine pen if a level yam taps a gismo – sob!
Burst angel, fire now one rifle gnats rub.
Deb let Omar even see bees: never a motel bed.
Debating is sad if I’d assign it a bed.
“Deer gasp as we now top a capo,” two new saps agreed.
Di, disaffirm a jam riff as I did.
“Di, vile libel can a man in a mask say?” asks a man in a manacle, bile-livid.
Diarmid, assess a dim raid.
Did a silo gas no easy obese boys aeons ago? … Lisa did!
Did a vast angel die when a mower upset a mate’s pure woman, eh? … we idle gnats Ava did.
Dido’s last angel disabused a jade sub as idle gnats also did.
Dido’s last angel disagreed I was sapid: I pass a wide erg as idle gnats also did.
Dido’s last angel dismays yams; idle gnats also did.
“Eel flags!” says Sal, “can a classy ass gal flee?”
Elle tail-gated a Mini; made tagliatelle.
Em, I try trams, sarcastic, in a panic: it’s a crass martyr time.
Eva, can I do Gary, trample his ass, or canonise resin on a cross as I help martyr a god in a cave?
Even a copy typo can even up a pun; even a copy typo can, Eve.
For evil amid a free jar of poor tasks, a DNA seer gasps, agrees and asks a troop for a jeer fad I’m a liver of.
I saw dams as mad was I.
I saw damsels in isles; mad was I.
Level Siamese botanist foliages sap milk rats assess; a stark limp assegai lofts in at obese Mai’s level.
Lia, nab a newt selling nil, lest we nab a nail.
Lived on, I made sure voodoo goddesses Bosnia models in isle domains, obsessed, do good, O over-used amino devil.
Llew’s a wonder bassist – fellates pure women of iron I mate – yet a minor, if one mower upset all efts, is sabred now as well.
“Mass emus say, no benign idle galloper abates if I set a bare poll!” a gelding in ebony assumes, Sam.
No devil idolised a jade silo Di lived on.
No loci messiah taste sets a Thai’s semicolon.
Now I won’t set no copy to lose, not one solo typo contest now I won.
Nurse, it’s an aide-memoire, eh? … cheerio, me media nasties: run!
One man is told I may port new osteopath gimbals to Dot’s lab: might a poet sow entropy amid lots I name, no?
Patrol like idle gnats in a taser arc, rare satanist angel: die, kill or tap.
Pure guano put up a test if it set a put-upon auger up.
Sev (a Slav) and I disabused a jade sub as I did naval saves.
“So in a deer fetor we vile non-actors rot … can one live?” wrote free danios.
Some mere motel bibliotist never prevents it: oil bible to mere memos.
Some motel sites put a fat upset isle to memos.
Stark rats rode flame dunes … oh, those nude, mal-fed or stark rats!
Steer feel a meme: mate me, tame me, male efreets!
Tie dirt, Sam, if I’m astride it.
‘Til I abseil frost angles, sick CID animals slam in a dickcissel: gnats or flies bail it.
Tim, one mower upsets a troll or tastes pure women omit.
To lag nit literati, moist angel, apt pale gnats I omit are tilting a lot.
To lap up one rip, must we now toss some moss so two newts umpire no pup a lot?
We felt items: teller apparel lets me title few.
Yawn, O Roman isle gnats; elbow two blest angels in a moron way.


01 July 2010

A nude’s pal – Elaine – denied ocelots stole codeine: denial elapsed, Una.
“A sad dash to get a nose-ring is a sign I resonate,” goths add, Asa.

“A sad lot is a set unimposing,” I say, “a sign I sop minutes as I told Asa.”
All I rap, as Rastafarian I was, is sold as a sad loss: I saw in air a fat sarsaparilla.

All I trot may add a yam tortilla.

Are poetic erotic arty federacies nests, Rowan? … if in a worst sense, I care, defy Traci to recite opera.
“At a draft, I memo deer from one Vegas seminar I ran,” I message, “venom or freedom emit far data.”
Attendee Fred nullifies a base if I’ll underfeed Netta.
Damp minarets of steel, fleets foster an imp … mad!
Deer gaiety locales sum a mussel acolyte, I agreed.
“Deliver pots Ron made Brett upset at!” I gasp, as saps agitate, sputter, bedamn or stop, reviled.
Demi, a nut felt some lorry trammels Omani shahs in a Moslem martyr role most left unaimed.
Di, did a murder refer panic in a preferred rum ad I did?
Did a nude calm silo ho clasp martyred doddery tramps? … alcoholism-laced Una did!
Did I sell lettuce we cut? … tell Les I did.
Did Nadia say ‘no’ to no mere monotony as Aidan did?
Doom DNA, drown in gin, ebb milder, abate, get a bared limb; benign in word and mood.
Drown, eh, two cotton tubs, but not to cow the N-word.
He lionises a code ring I arraign, I re-do cases in oil, eh?
Here, too, beer faded a freebooter, eh?
Hero, lock radar of steel fleets for a dark color eh?
Laminae now assume emus saw one animal.
Let ohms agronomists level St. Simon orgasm hotel.
“Lia, note,” I lisp, “martyred doddery tramps I lie to nail.”
Lioness Elsa reports strop eras lessen oil.
Marge let a foe pat nose, mane, tail, lap and nape of a lion, oil a foe, pan DNA, palliate names on tape of a telegram.
Martyred nicely, Tsar, I ate haniwa raw in a hetaira-style cindery tram.
Martyred nicely, Tsar, re-tar a terra-style cindery tram.
Mary, poor Dad lost a rate, yet a rat sold a droopy ram.
Moor debs to Dot’s bedroom.
No deer gasp: “martyr to gibes, row a red nun under a worse bigotry tramps agreed on.”
No IT acolyte fastened a jade net safety location.
“No IT acolyte,” I rave, “notes I set one variety location.”
No wise villa-minarets of Islam in a trade reversal live to merger, Reg: remote villas revered art animals I foster; animal lives I won.
No, I now arm a hero: more ham, raw onion.
“Noel, I prevail,” I aver, “pile on!”
Noses send doggerel: let a teller egg oddnesses on.
Notoriety locates punas, so toss an upset acolyte I rot on.
Now may a fire help martyr ample hero-men on a crone’s row I worsen, or can one more help Mary trample her if a yam won?
Now one portal I’m navigating is a sign I tag Ivan Milat … rope now on.
Now still, I may be sure voices assess a sec I overuse by a mill it’s won.
Nurses on television, ill, in Illinois: I’ve let noses run.
One disaster Geronimo demos tests if I caper up, as a pure pacifist set some domino regrets aside, no?
One rotten garden one dragnet tore, no?
Pass no IT acolyte; rush to both surety locations, sap!
“Payroll a crevasse for piss!” I profess, aver, call or yap.
Pirates pull at a minim at one verbatim riff as I disaffirm it: a breve, not a minim at all, upset a rip.
Pure boss, may teller apparel let yams sober up?
Pure boss, may yams sober up?
Pure nets? – a fad! … I did a fastener up.
Reg, Ginger’ll act on odists I sniff at, so no staff insists I do not call Reg ‘nigger’.
Resold as a maiden, maddened, damned: I am a sad loser.
Rex, if a patrol lapses, or a storm rots a rose’s pallor, tap a fixer.
See flair to lose no-one solo trial fees.
Seed net tasting is Eddie’s lemur, often at a net forum; else I’d design its attendees.
Seed net tasting is edified art I trade if I design its attendees.
Set acolyte cinema latency, Nemo, so some NYC net a lame nicety locates.
Set acolyte viands LSD naivety locates.
Seville dome-villas revere no canine men in acts I list: canine men in a cone reversal live model lives.
Sign in if salacity Lana saw was analytical as fining is.
So may part-asyndeta re-do memos for a bar of some moderated NY satrapy, Amos?
“Some deeper upset acolyte,” I profess, “opts in at a satanist posse, for piety locates pure pee demos.”
“Some drawer upset Acolyte Ninety locally dining,” I say, “by a sign-in idyll, Acolyte Ninety locates pure war demos.”
Some droopy ditsy baby model let Elle do my baby’s tidy poor demos.
Some droopy men Enola symbolises sap asses: I lob my salon enemy poor demos.
Some dyspepsy demos I onward draw … noisome dyspepsy demos!
Some model let Elle do memos.
Some modem telepaths in a Danish tape let me do memos.
Spill a cover-up now, on pure vocal lips.
Stole-collared, nude, I rubbed a deb buried under all ocelots.
Ted, I bet – in Argyle volatiles – a vase lit a lovely granite bidet.
“Tide … born under a tide’s area is a foster animal I named,” I sniff, “inside Manila, minarets of Asia erased it; a red nun robed it.”
Ties I – laminating up mitigating issue – damn, made us sign: “I tag it, impugn it, animalise it.”
To get satiety locations, level levels no IT acolyte I taste got.
To lasagna, is acid a monotony as I say no to nomadic Asian gas a lot?
“To lay as Nemo – when I am Ed, Reg, Elton, Sid or Rod – is not legerdemain, eh?” women say a lot.
To lay babes, I wax a wise baby a lot.
To profess a time, dared, nude, I rub stars rats buried under a demitasse for pot.
“Turn in oil,” a foeman asserts, “I stress a name of a lion in rut.”
Was an extra poem a cameo part Xena saw?
Wonk centres nix a tax: insert neck now.
Won’t I deem telepaths are not a name no one man at one rash tape let me edit now?
Won’t Lucy ads’ mood assess a doomsday cult now?
Won’t society locate some demo-set acolyte I cost now?

10 June 2010

An item itself fumes on as a nose muffles time, Tina.
At a demo, stat some data.
At a demon gate, gnome date Lizzi let a demon get a gnome data.
“Bob,” an emir considered, “is no crime nabob.”
Burn it all, as Rod asserts I may ape rotating Nita to repay a mistress a dorsal Latin rub.
Dense ore here verified art I trade if I revere heroes, Ned.
Diarist, I nudely let a reneger nuke esoteric ire to seek unregenerately-led units I raid.
Diarist, I nuke estates, pull a mine, mosaic a facia; so men I’m all upset at seek units I raid.
Did a mall ad nab malarial flair? …a lamb and a llama did!
Did diva deliveries avoid a radio vase I revile? … David did!
“Emit oddities Rae herself fumes at,” said Steven, “If fine vets diastase muffles rehearse it, I’d do time!”
For evil amid lots I dog, Semite films in a note set onanism lifetimes God is told I’m a liver of.
For evil’s live day, ubiety located a cadet-acolyte I buy a devil-sliver of.
Hey, Levi, truffles rehire Geri herself furtively, eh?
Lee felt busy, Cara; still, it’s a racy subtle feel.
No pets stole cosmetic ire to see esoteric items ocelots step on.
“Not to consider algae sanitary’s so bad: a pad,” a bossy rat in a sea glared, “is no cotton.”
Now as I let a bedrail assess air, I assess a liar debate Lisa won.
Now I say, “no believing is a sign I veil ebony” as I won.
“Nurse to men a horse muffles, rehearsed Desrae herself fumes,” Rohan emotes, “Run!”
One film lacks a motto: got to mask calm life, no?
One time, sit nailed at a deli: anti-Semite, no?
“One vital error!” retaliates Rohan, a cosy baby, “So can a horse tail a terror relative … no?”
Paganist unrewardable Bali bomb mob I label “bad”: rawer nuts in a gap.
“Pull a citified onanist; it’s in a node I fit,” I call up.
Pure papist never, often I back Cabinet for events I paper up.
Rae, don’t cart a tract … no, dear.
Rae, don’t list silt … no, dear.
Rae, don’t relay a D-Day alert … no, dear.
Rae, don’t rid folio soil of dirt … no, dear.
Rae, do not slam in a deli animals I forerun – amen if a fine manurer of Islam I nailed animals to – no, dear.
Rae, droopy rots I hate get a history, poor dear.
Reviled Red irately let a rider deliver.
Reviled, I saw one target nine men integrate now as I deliver.
Sagas laud nine men: indeed, nine men I ferally dined, alert in a nitre-laden idyll, are fine men indeed; nine men in dual sagas.
Semite films, I dash to berate you, derided as edacity Lana deified: analytic, a De Sade dire duo, yet are both sadism lifetimes?
Set a colt in a van it locates.
Sir, a still life we redid ere we fill lit saris.
Snag a peninsula to total us nine pagans.
So may a hot deity tied to hate’s pure venal plan ever upset a hot deity tied to hay, Amos?
Spots, you bet, are both sure we rush to berate buoys’ tops.
Stacy ran; I drove Kev: a guru gave Kev ordinary cats.
“Stolen Imax editors I’m lifting up mix essays on signals rehearsed if no crew open an inane power”, confides Rae; her “Slang is nosy as sex – impugn it” film is rot I’d examine lots.
Structure notes pulled at a dell upset one rut: Curt’s.
Sue, veil ebony as I say “no”; believe us.
Tall eyewear reviver Rae we yell at.
Tide mats send a mynah prosaic at suede livery a jay reviled; Eustacia’s orphany madness tamed it.
Tie rows to canine men if fine men in a cot swore it.
Tim lifted a cat; Elton did not let a cadet film it.
Tired nude idyll at a free dam; a deer fatally died under it.
To dog a Semite film, lift a pat film lifetimes ago, Dot.
To get a helipad, I hid a pile hate got.
To get a mast, I beg an amenable Bali bomb mob I label “bane”, “manage bits a mate got”.
To get air, benign idle galahs ram a marshal a gelding inebriate got.
To handle balisaur uglies, ban an abseil guru as I label DNA hot.
Traci, ore has a heroic art.
Traci, ore here verified a memo, home-made if I revere heroic art.
Was ‘some memos rob malaria homebrew snaredrum?’ all I wrote yet, or will a murder answer be mohair a lamb or some memos saw?
Won’t rats see penury cremates pure women? … one mower upset a mercy run epees start now.

12 May 2010

A gasworks acts in a tastily-lit satanist cask row saga.
A lone tired nude portrays some remote vaginal panic in a plan I gave to mere mossy art roped under it, Enola.
A tart’s for a baton, not a bar of strata.
A worse tag, no less, elongates Row A.
As I last sense it, I dig iron rations up on a more Roman opus: no, I tar no rigidities’ nests, Alisa.
As I let a bedeviled undemanding isogon assess a “no go” sign, I’d named “Nude Live Debate”, Lisa.
“As I let a gay assessor cadet sensitise it,” I claimed, “academial cities it is nested across essay a gate, Lisa.”
As I let a hero melt tilaks, I risk a little more hate, Lisa.
At a draft, fish sift far data.
Backlist a fat silk cab.
Born acidic, a fox I felt tilts it open: a nepotist little fix of acid I can rob.
Bosnia: gay men essay DNA cost so candy-ass enemy again sob.
Dad, do nastier usage men I fed define ‘mega-sure’? … it’s an odd ad.
Dare to veer far off for a free voter ad.
Deer gasp as deer breed saps agreed.
“Deer gay men eye fall!” a fey enemy agreed.
Deified names I reconcile ram a relic no cerise man deified.
Delegates’ nude life data senile felines at a defiled unset age led.
Derisory tastes sap assets a tyro sired.
Detain a man in a mad rage; regard a man in a mania, Ted!
Did Leah parrot an essay, sir? … copy hypocrisy, as senator Raphael did!
Did some demos sap a Jap as some demos did?
Did some derided art drawer reward trade dire demos did?
“Dignitary bodies nestle by a man,” I say, “as in a ‘may belt’ sense, I do: by rating id”.
Draw animals we few slam in a ward.
Ed, units irk wasted academial cinema men; I claimed a cadet saw Kristi nude.
Em, a Troy rat in a sewer asks: “Are we sanitary or tame?”
Enola repacified art I trade if I caper alone.
“Ev, awl adits aid nine posts!” I dash to boss, “so both sadists open India’s tidal wave.”
Eva, can a Romany date bet a dynamo ran a cave?
Eva, can I start as sufis yell at a nurse’s runs? … as nurses’ run at alleys, I fuss at rats in a cave.
Even as I train a model’s goddess I kissed, dogs led Omani artisan Eve.

Goddesses, bored now, assess a wonder-obsessed dog.
Hey, Tim, a lacrosse-red Rumania gave Bev a hot nurses’ run to have Bev again a murderess or calamity, eh?
“I let one man I’d named as a liar trek,” I hailed Eli, “A hiker trail as a demand I name not Eli!”
“Lad, I con egrets no man – even Ruth’s – added,” a fan actuated a memo some made taut, “Can a faded dash turn even a monster genocidal?”
Late men, I’m told, eye nomadic narrow art; raw or rancid, a moneyed lot mine metal.
Lo, a gay bar bastard, Edna, handed rats a bra by a gaol.
Madder Albania gasps: “Again, a blared dam!”
May a Bantu ode/motto be honed on a node? … no, he bottomed out; nab a yam.
May a level seminal art necrosis or central animes level a yam?
My gym’s ward tips secret tonality ’til an otter cesspit draws my gym.
Nik’s a bit leftist, I felt, ’til little fits it felt I bask in.
No bargain, a blasting is a sign it’s Albania: grab on!
No stiff raw data hat is in a van … is it a hat a dwarf fits on?
Not racist, I held in idle hits I cart on.

Now I lit nuts I cart on six essays I add, Daisy, as sex is not racist until I won.
Now I sneer: “Guru, gyrate!: I deride dire dietary guru greens I won!”
Now if I set a dronish sacred nude, if I reversed one poetic niece, incite open odes reverified under cash, sin or dates if I won.
Now snug as a wasp in one film a rat sold ’em, Antonio Banderos, necrotic illicit or censored, ‘n’ a boi not named, lost a ram life no nip saw as a gun’s won.
Now stars draw a stark curtsy ’til art necrosis – or centrality – struck rats’ awards rats won.
Nurse, I pot at opening nine potato pies … run!
One last piece receipts ale, no?
One tale, rotten, not new, I went on Net to relate, no?
Parades I ram must castigate you, drab bar duo, yet a git’s act summarised a rap.
“Parody rots,” I had idyllist egos tell a man on a mallet, “so get silly: did a history do rap?”
Party to oscillate most lilts, O metallic sooty trap!
Peeking, I steer tsar of red Rumania: “grab a bargain; a murder for a street sign I keep.”
Polyamide jam a Jedi may lop.
Pomerania gasps: “Again, a re-mop!”
Pull at a tonsure, vile dresser, deliver us not at all up!
“Put idle hips’ agitators so tidily on natal life-rafts in a tasteless option: no IT posse let satanist fare fill a tannoy lid I toss rot at,” I gasp, “I held it up!”
Red Rumania gasps: “Again, a murder!”
Ref, fuss UFOs to let a fad named Zen I tell lies on assess a nose; I’ll let Inez demand a fate lots of us suffer.
Rewards trade litanies use in a tile rut are tiles reverse literature litanies use in a tiled art’s drawer.
Rex, I’m so glad I held in Allah’s hall an idle hidalgos’ mixer!
Said a crap mad-mood foe to nastier used artists I trade: “Sure, its a note of doom, damp arcadias.”
Sam, all diapers repaid llamas.
Sci-fi Ron O’Hara honored I redid: I deride Ron O’Hara honorifics.
Seen it, Amy! … matinees.
Semi-tame nice tarts rifle domes; I let Elise model first-rate cinema times.
Sex: I felt I took cuckoo title fixes.
Slam in a fog nine poetic ninnies, or pad idols of Oslo … did a prose inn incite opening of animals?
Slam in a fog nine poetic nitrate notes, pull a ball, upset one tart, incite opening of animals.
Smart gums level smug trams.
Smart guns level snug trams.
Smart guns now open an inane ‘Pow!’ on snug trams.
“Smugness”, Elliot telegrams Marge, “let toil lessen gums.”
Snug, sore, held in awe, I verified a crass arcade if I review an idle hero’s guns.
So attack KC or rock KC at Taos.
“So … geodesic art so analytic?” a poet saw, “I waste opacity Lana ostracised, O egos.”
So get some kilt left in a van, it felt like most egos.
So, loser, up went I – most silly dill! – as all idyllists omit new pure solos.
So, master of trades I met in Oslo, dignitary rat in a sewer, are we sanitary rating idols on itemised art for ETs, Amos?
Some devastated ace caps a space cadet at save demos.
Some model bares impassed udders we jet on if I note Jews red dudes sap, miserable, do memos.
Some model bares impractical illiterate misdraws, agog as wards I met are, ’til lilac IT carp, miserable, do memos.
Start some cart-stack cat tale to help pussycats: Stacy’s supple hotel attack cats trace most rats.
Stinky rat in a snug nomadic atlas, salt acid among unsanitary knits.

Stolen Imax enemy, again a mask’s a mania gay men examine lots.
Sued amid an omen of fat staff, one monad I made us.
Sure, paper shahs repaper us.
Tim, one month, girlies ban an abseil right no men omit.
Tiny rat in a snug nits’ end, a mastiff fits a mad nesting unsanitary nit.
“Tired nudes I met in a diadem, and a cadet, are both sure we rush to be rated,” a cad named Aidan itemised under it.
To glasnost’s rift, first son Sal got.
To lap a moth sadist, I bet I loosen a vane’s oolite bits I dash to map a lot.
To lap up a pool, I saw one gasser do dressage now as I loop a pup a lot.
To lash tappets to often-deified space cadets, Albania gasps: “Again, a blasted ace caps deified net footstep paths a lot!”
To lash to my nametag or baton odd lots, a weary Rae was told: “do not abrogate many moths a lot.”
To lash tribes, reverse births a lot.
To lasses so pitiable, do men I fine model bait I possess a lot?
To lasso tie ports, rub a burst rope I toss a lot.
To lay a bat at embarcaderos’ necrotic Illinois, I’ve let a non-rutting nit turn on a television (illicit or censored) a crab met at a bay a lot.
To lay aside, wait a sec: “Ivan, in a vice sat I, awed!” I say a lot.
To let in a brutal fate, get a flat urbanite lot.
To pass a mania, gay men eye far-off fat staff, for a fey enemy again amass a pot.
Trade literal litanies used on some demos: some demos nodes use in a till are tiled art.
Trade, if I revise, tars poor tyres: I’m so glad I held it a sec if foreign idyllists aver I hire vast silly dingier offices at idle hidalgos’ misery troops’ rates I verified, Art.
Was a silo Lisa deified a silo Lisa saw?
Won’t bedlam in a NASA lab/ inn/academe edifice sag a sec if I deemed a cannibal as an animal debt now?
Won’t I, merely tsar of red Rumania, grab roses or bargain a murder for a style remit now?
Won’t solid lots awe lame Fred if no confider female was told I lost now?
Won’t solitary men enamor free beer from an enemy rat I lost now?
Worms, alpacas: animals’ genes’ rows worsen e.g. slam in a sac a plasm row.

11 Apr 2010

“Ample hot sets a co-hostess nun xeroxes: Lana Turner is my goddess!”, I hissed, “Do gym siren rut, anal sex or ex-nuns set Soho castes to help Ma?”
Are ponies’ units I list in use in opera?
As last summer a hated act sold a sad lost cadet, a harem must salsa.
“Dash to bet or win,” I wrote, “Both sad.”
“Delia, Red is told I manage bidets I listed,” I began, amid lots I derailed.
Deliver an allegro tacit song, or play oratory ambush so Pa sees a posh sub may rot a royal prognosticator gel Lana reviled.
Detartrated to get acid, nine men inspire in a pro tacit song, or paw a sill I saw a prognosticator pan i.e. rips nine men indicate got detartrated.
Detartrated to get acid, nine men inspire rips nine men indicate got detartrated.
Devil’s flesh, Caesar, even stifles tin or iron itself; it’s never as each self’s lived.
Draw pueblos or easy cats, for it’s an act: can a stir of Stacy’s aerosol be upward?
Draw Tit Alley itself, lest I yell at it, Ward.
Ed, a momentary rat Nemo made.
Eva, can I gnaw some emo’s wang in a cave?
Eva, can ire gnaw a rotten net to raw anger in a cave?
“Eva, can I sorbet a snack no mafioso drops,” I lisp, “or do so if a monk can sate bros in a cave?”
Harpo: “Now as I lived at a dame’s ace parade, no hostess set so honed a rape case, mad at a devil I saw on Oprah.”
“He pans dissimilar Eves to get a mate, yet a mate got several I miss!” I’d snap, eh?
Hey, Tina snidely let a red omnibus assess a sub in moderately-led insanity, eh?
I lessen, damn it; solemn rot’s torn me, lost in madness, Eli.
Lee, fine moss or carob ale belabor a cross omen, I feel.
My ‘gay breed’ sex attack cat taxes deer by a gym.
Nab rural grub as I told a bad lot … is a burglar urban?
No devil’s selfless as rats; pop stars as selfless lived on.
No epiphany … may a mynah pipe on?
“No worse carrell I kowtow to,” ten odd asps add, “Odd asps add one to two; two killer races row on.”
Note snacks a man in a mask can sliver; evil snacks a man in a mask can set on.
Now I saw a man I set a fix at nod: “no leporidae hailed a taxi-man in a mix at a deli ahead … I rope London taxi fates in a maw as I won”.
Now I say “assess a plan if a sign is open”, I foster germ regret, so fine posing is a final pass essay as I won.
Now I trade if I revise Mittagong geodesic art, so I see referees I ostracise do eggnog at times I verified art I won.
Now still a maniac I remain, I mar a mini-America in a mall it’s won.
Now still a maniac, I remade red America in a mall it’s won.
Nurse, I till undersea glamor feel from life we film, or flee from algae’s red nullities’ run.
Nurses send docile gnats Elliot’s toil, lest angelic oddnesses run.
O gym siren, rub a gel on it: a latino leg – a burner! – is my go.
O Tony, as I see bees, I see bees I say ‘no’ to.
O Tyrell, a gay alpine myth guards draughty men I play a gallery to.
One dit/dah: I jam radios so I’d arm a jihad tide, no?
One saboteur that sold a droopy menu births a rash tribune my poor dad lost … ah, true to base, no?
Osteopath, gilded arts nuns traded light a poet so.
Puerile note by me, Kate: “take my bet one lire up”.
Punier senile felines, rein up!
Putrid tennis Les: made raw, a nude bordello dolled robed unaware damsels  in net dirt up.
Raw Rose, I let a hero melt, ’til at a ballet, I tell a bat a little more hate, lies or war.
Rex, I’m an imam in a mixer!
Rum, Ed? … I demur.
Senile felines told a mime: “safe ebony, no beef!” … a semi-mad lot, senile felines!
Set afire, Con, I, HR wonk, know rhinoceri fates.
Sevastopol’s on a level an Oslo pot saves.
Sex amid welts, rubs and enemas: Amen, Edna’s burst lewd Imaxes!
So get a demurral up: open an inane popular rum, Ed, at egos!
So he’d inspire most now … won’t some rip snide ho’s?
So maybe waste glib regrets no monster gerbil gets awe by, Amos.
Some dramas, Asa, mar demos.
“Snacks a man in a mask saw,” asks a man in a mask, “Cans?”
“Stop now, or I fire!” he was told nastily, “Let effetely-lit sandlots awe her if I row on pots.”
Superb: a camera set on fire paper if notes are macabre pus.
Tamil, sum a test sum I must set a Muslim at.
“‘Til a tote who named a jade garden made me damned,” raged a jade man, “Oh, we total it.”
Time-starred lab DNAs send welts ultra-fast if it’s a fart lust, lewdness and balder rats emit.
Tinier asps are in a zero monetary rate no more: zanier asps are in it.
“Tired, nude, I rub six of my gym-putrid erotic lattes,” I say as I set talc, “I tore dirt up; my gym fox is buried under it.”
To lay a war, a feud I serenely made reviled is a dud, as I delivered amylene residue far away a lot.
Told nastily, let in if Nina saw some demos, was an infinitely-lit sandlot.
Trades in red Omani tarts rub a burst rat in a modernised art.
Trades in red omnibuses net a tense sub in modernised art.
Warren traps – I have to grab at a name – Moss, as some man at a bar got Eva, his partner, raw.
War’s reviled analog knight, I wet a mate with ginkgo Lana delivers raw.
Was borsht a prawn on a menu, jejune man on warpaths Rob saw?
We jam radios, so I’d arm a Jew.
Won’t a maple help a mat now?
Won’t a pilot’s ipecac I mock radar a dark comic ace pistol I pat now?
Won’t a pin aid Nina, Roy or an Indian I pat now?
Won’t cadet Sal ban a blasted act now?
Yes, Syd, onanism’s in an odyssey.
You bar our uglies, banana man: an abseil guru or a buoy.

29 Jan 2010
Diastole cowards made off for a fast car at a cost; so cataracts a far-off foe dams draw ocelots’ aid.
Debts umpire what a raw waratah we rip must bed.
Sexing a fag I gas is a gig a fag nixes.
To crawl, a birth’s in a Danish tribal war cot.
Pull it: set a media-led Adelaide mate’s till up.
Slam in a lair, O data men in a Toyota, nine matadorial animals.
To get a date, pat a pet a date got.
No cataracts a fan urinates on set a memo stall up; if I pull at some mate’s nose tan, I run a fast car at a con.
“Eire erodes, so to grab media’s evil war, crawl,” I’ve said, embargo-tossed or eerie.

25 Jan 2010
A goth toga party, Amy, may trap a goth toga.
Bursted, a cadet assumed we lewd emus say: “do bonfires at a party burn a cross, or can Ruby trap a taser if nobody assumed we lewd emus sated a cadet’s rub?”
“But, animal Sir, one task’s alright?” a bath girl asks a tenor I slam in a tub.
But animals I slam in a saw are raw as animals I slam in a tub.
But animals iron odd lots if I cap a pacifist old donor I slam in a tub.
Deliver Margo no merit on a Goth toga no tire monogram reviled.
Did delegates set a gel Ed did?
Did I set one esoteric idol embargo to grab melodic ire to see notes I did?
Draw a strategy; get arts award.
Elitist carabineer gossip: a koto gala got okapis so green I bar acts I tile.
Emma Peel sees Lee, Pam, me.
Enola’s drowsy assessor cast rorts across essays’ words alone.
Freshened, I will ablate my metal ball I widen, eh, serf?
God damn it, a satin-mad dog!
He tips for a jar of roses or for a jar of spit, eh?
He tips for a jar of roses or for attar of roses or for a jar of spit, eh?
He tips for a jar of spit, eh?
He was analytic: “A parrot left on time, rang up millions … no, I’ll impugn a remit not felt or rapacity Lana saw, eh?”
Lee felt: “To be renal, Pa, nose Kansas … it is a  ‘Snakes On A Plane’ rebottle feel.”
Lionised, arm octuplets … oh, a hostel put comrades in oil.
Marge let a red nude portray no mere ceremony Art roped under a telegram.
Max, I state Gina may baby a man I get at six a.m.
May a roar rub a kookaburra or a yam?
Niagara, ban a bar again.
Niagara: can I dip a rapid in a car again?
Niagara: can it lodge Ken in a kayak; a nine-keg dolt in a car again?
Nine vows I live for at Lana’s, as an altar of evil is woven in.
No, start up a glossolalia; mail a loss Olga put rats on.
“No telecaster fleets for a bare vet  … ah, whatever, a bar of steel frets,” Ace let on.
“Note lemon gas is a basis,” a gnome let on.
“Note lemon gas is at stasis,” a gnome let on.
“Note lemon gas,” a gnome let on.
Now evil is not a nose, yet up-to-date gossip is, so get a dot, put eyes on a tonsil I’ve won.
Now I say mere jokes I’ve dotted across essays, so bad lots nuns told a bossy assessor cadet to devise K.O. Jeremy as I won.
Now is a video hotspot tops to hoe divas I won?
Now so melodic its ID, a satanist ego gets in at a sadistic idol emos won.
One librettist acts in a task rats saw as stark satanist cat-sitter bile, no?
One librettist, Alf, sees flat-sitter bile, no?
Parasitic, it is a rap.
Partisan, I gave no-one vaginas I trap.
Petunias unite some demo set in USA …  in UTEP.
Rae, her pistol precluded, iced decided ulcer plots I pre-hear.
Resold as a maiden made no zoo rag naked, a memo had a home-made kangaroo zone damned: I am a sad loser.
“Salad … lots, in a mass!” a man is told, alas.
Sal, leap to hot paellas!
Salad names are ironic: I pen a DNA hit, I hand an epic in or I erase mandalas.
Signals to gray trades: such cussed arty argot slang is!
“Sleep!” an anableps I disabuse called, “Omanis sew, or prefer prowess in a model lace sub as I dispel banana peels.”
“Smartening – no, masterful! – I open a snide veil, eradicate grosser dress or get acid,” a relieved insane poilu frets, among nine trams.
Sniff umpires’ nests if I cap an iron, or in a pacifist sense, rip muffins.
Snoring is Ed’s deer, eh? … where Ed’s design irons.
So must a few drawers reward we fat sumos?
So must one ray trap a taser, if names a base man fires at a party are not sumos’?
“So some more held in a pot are papayas I peel, so go sleep,” I say, a paper atop an idle hero memo: “SOS!”.
“Some droopy rat in a stay-fit recital I’m navigating is a sign I tag Ivan Milat,” I certify at sanitary-poor demos.
Some men in a croft: “Can eerie ruts open one posture I re-enact for canine memos?”
Steel felt taboo battle fleets.
“Strategising is Ed’s denial,” posted a cadet, “So plain Ed’s design is, I get arts.”
Sue, robots use Jesus; I’m told a bad lot misuse Jesus to bore us.
Sum Edna’s rum, else we’ll assess all ewes, lemurs and emus.
Tell a wan idiot: “Sam, assess a mastoid in a wallet.”
‘Til liking is a sign I tamed a mix I made, mating is a sign I kill it.
Title men, if degenerately-led insane radio lucre butts in at a satanist tuberculoid arena, snidely let a reneged fine melt it.
To get a fad on a sign I’d named, no taboo battle fleets for a bar of steel felt taboo baton demanding is a nod a fate got.
To get a mate’s sugared nude women, a Dane mowed under a gusset a mate got.
To Iran I flee, Rosa, sad as a sore elf in a riot.
To last, cadet overseer Fifi frees revoted acts a lot.
To lay a wad, Ilsa got to hymenal panic in a plane … my hot toga slid away a lot.
To video hate, my baby met a hoe divot.
Was no den I distend a fad nets I dined on saw?
Wash Caesar, ere I lionise dudes in oilier eras each saw.
Wasted actor at a lab, a crew open one power cabal a tarot cadet saw.
We faded away, Alamo troop, ere we were poor; to Malaya waded a few.
We sip, or can one posse let a family bury my body, eh? … they do: by my Ruby Lim, a fate less open on a crop I sew.
Won’t I bury a seller of sex-affiliated detail if faxes for Elle say “Rub it now”?
Wont serotonin K.C. ordered rock Nino to rest now?

13 Nov 2009
A new order I wired Rowena.
Aid in cypsela sales: pycnidia.
Attendees (or a two-syli deer got by Tina for Peru) profane my hymen: a) for pure profanity; b) to greedily sow taro seed, Netta.
Banks are drones I ran in on in a risen order – ask NAB.
Deer flee from a dam, or feel freed.
Del, I’m sore: has a hero smiled?
Delaney had a lad a hyena led.
Dense rug: if we sign it at some disco, do two help it lump up multiple “how to” docs I demo, stating I sew figures, Ned?
Dentist Curt’s boy obstructs it, Ned.
Did I do good, O over-aware voodoo god? … I did!
Did I do Omani sex? … I’m a revelation, a ham or from a Hanoi tale Vera mixes in a mood I did.
Did sex impugn a hero? … more hangup mixes did.
Dip, avoid a red amputee, feet up … man, an amputee, feet up, made radio vapid!
Dirges, raps, emo, ska, orchestra parts, eh? … croak some sparse grid.
“Drawn inward, Rae froze fast,” I say, “as it’s a fez, or fear drawn inward.”
Drawn, I tied a few fixes onto gewgaws pups wag … we got no sex if we fade it inward.
“Ed … amen, I’m a lemming!” I sign, “I’m melamine-made!”
“Eel fin!” I yell up as saps pass a pulley in, “I flee!”
Egad, no boob a tart lusts after refracts a fate I’d assess: a diet, a fast car, ferret fasts, ultra-taboo bondage.
Emus erase, on ace canoes, a resume.
Eva can isolate metal ‘O’s in a cave.
Eva, can I see referees in a cave?
Eva, can I yell over ads, “do gods dare volley in a cave?”
Feeble epees we few see peel beef.
Go far off for a fog.
He was a deft listener; aware net silt fed a saw, eh?
“Her air fare,” he damned Ruby Rae, “was a dud, as a weary burden made her a friar, eh?”
Hexes in UFOs are never on air, boys; I am rolled on air by Brian O’Dell or Maisy O’Brian or even eras of unisex, eh?
“Hey, a sign it saw emitted a call; it’s still a cadet time-wasting,” I say, eh?
It nodded … don’t I?
Lives I murder if an anabaptist set Ed sees detests it, Pa: banana-fired rum is evil.
Mad as we maimed a castrato idiot’s goddess – a pain! –  a man in a mania passed dogs to idiot arts academia mews, Adam.
May a liar trot, or trail a yam?
May a prawn warp a yam?
Nix Nimrod …  ah, call a chador minx in!
No it’s a boob at a taboo bastion.
No Women’s Lib regrets affiliated a detail if faster gerbils Nemo won.
No, sir, a pack radar often asks a net for a dark caparison.
Nose it in; avoid a rig I radio vanities on.
Now I saw one tag, or bail I abrogate now as I won.
“Now I say as I smite Tim Smith, ‘Tim Smith’s a lot redder’ … to lash Tim Smith, Tim, smite Tims!” I say as I won.
Now I say: “A war? A fog’ll go far away!” as I won.
Now shall alley shahs yell “Allah’s won!”?
Now shall ayas say Allah’s won?
Now, Edward De Bono, to go to no bed, draw dew on!
Nurses I lop or tempura jam a jar up metropolises … run!
One life disc is a byte fastener a web deity tied … beware, Net safety basics I defile, no?
One mortadella virtuoso’s out-rivalled at Rome, no?
One solicitor essay, Mr. Ed, is no cottony mat  … e.g. if I get Amy not to consider my ass erotic, I lose, no?
Otter bile lines a senile libretto.
Paganise pastel ties: I, Mr. USA, surmise it lets apes in a gap.
Pamela passed dogs to idiots’ sapid idols on items met in Oslo; did I pass to idiots’ goddess a pale map?
Pamela, pass a pale map.
Parts we made sullied a mews, but tubs we made ill-used a mews trap.
Pots sued a millennial plan even if fine venal plain Nelli made us stop.
Raw tonnage – beware of using up mine! – my men impugn … is UFO era we began not war?
“Red,” I sniff, “urge Nora to tar one gruff insider.”
Red nibs bedevil a live deb’s binder.
Seeped, I may burst a hero memo, so do some more hats, Ruby, amid epees.
“Semi-motile Di asks a tar often to ban a botnet for a task,” said Eli to mimes.
Sewer of part ewe filth, gin and DNA: nightlife we trap for ewes.
Shall a feeble psi-demon gate let a gnome dispel beef  – Allah’s?
Sign I’d leg it, Art: sacks at Waratah Wet Arts … no medic, I demonstrate what a raw task castrati gelding is!
Slam in a deli amenable tracts … if I cap an act, can a pacifist cartel ban emailed animals?
“Snob, Bigfoot Arts Academy HR staff fit stiff fats!” rhymed a castrato, of gibbons.
“So John is an eraser I’m dating,” I base her answer, cast if it’s a crew snare, “He’s a big nit; admires arenas in HoJos.”
So many droopy names use many poor dynamos.
Some drab tastes pull upsets at bar demos.
“Space rehearsal I’ve sat in on: I see sin on it as evil as Rae,” he recaps.
Splat! – I hit alps.
Stiff for a feel from a disco, do I dare radio docs I dam, or flee far-off fits?
Tied, I sniff, “OK, cuff fat sons at a vat as no staff fuck off inside it.”
‘Til no-one tames it in Asia, I rot in a state my mate ran: I’m an imam in a minaret Amy met at sanitoria I sanitise, mate, noon-lit.
Tim, ere we rise, draw a stiff: it’s a war desire we remit.
Time-wasting nits awe MIT.
To bore no nurses, run one robot.
To do it all, efreets steer fellatio, Dot.
To get select ratio, do two hero-men I fed define more “how to do it” art Celeste got?
To lap up a gal from a dam, I rim a dam or flag a pup a lot.
To last, Curt’s bodega made wear be trevally-dined; a laden idyll a vertebrae we damaged obstructs a lot.
To lay a wad, epees seeped away a lot.
Tonsure vile demon-gate lot to let a gnome deliver us not!
Trade caps (PCP fixes) for a jar of sex if PCP spaced art.
Trade ill-used art; trade pared art; trade tarnish to moths in rated art; trade raped art; trade sullied art.
Trade tar, nuts or federacy amid a wadi … may care defrost unrated art?
Traded lo-fat’s a fate I dare to morph to, moth promoter: a diet, a fast, a folded art.
Traded, I sow two-sided art.
“Trades are not federal cedillas,” is all I declare, deft on erased art.
Trades I lit utilised art.
War eras lob my synaeresis ere any symbols are raw.
Warm or feel few shahs we flee from raw.
Was it a smock radar or a dark comsat I saw?
Wash turgid animals I slam in a dig Ruth saw.
Wasted acts I, Neil, an alienist cadet, saw.
Wasted acts in a brutal fax a flat urbanist cadet saw.
Wasted acts in a gap a paganist cadet saw.
Wasted acts in a Tulsa slut’s eyes Tulsa’s lutanist cadet saw.
Wasted acts in my hall a hymnist cadet saw.
Wasted acts in red Omani sin a modernist cadet saw.
We fade to melodies I recall; a cerise idol emoted a few.
Women on a ceiling is a sign I lie – can one mow?
Women on ACTU bodies open one pose I do, but can one mow?
Won’t a pure elixir tame a glass algae matrix I leer up at now?
Won’t Ava level a vat now?
Won’t I foster cesspools, so Ross loops secrets of it now?
Won’t I have Eva hit now?
Won’t one gas sample help massage? … not now.
Yell an ‘amen’ in Nine Man Alley.
Yell or tap a trolley.
Yell or taste greens as a sneer gets a trolley.

02 Oct 2009
Ski off, oiks!
Snap! … I ate taipans.
Sew a sail an alias awes.
Won’t I get a late git now?
One solitary rat I lose, no?
Turn, woman, in a mown rut.
“Tie?” taipans snap, “I ate it!”
No Jedi snidely led inside Jon.
One birth’s in a Danish tribe, no?
Borgnine’s row’s worsening, Rob.
Put it in, knit it, add a tit in, knit it up!
Was I smartening nine trams I saw?
Was I sleekening nine keels I saw?
Sex exists, or Feds defrost six exes.
“Raft on still acid”, I call, “it’s not far!”
Won’t I hew some memos we hit now?
Slob, my staff insists I sniff at symbols!
No yarn, I knit sisal: alas, I stink in rayon.
“Sex exists, Eb!” I say as I best six exes.
“Ah”s (i.e. gasping) if a fig nips a geisha.
Tides in a groin, eh? … when I organised it.
Nurse, I’d lose kibbutz tub bikes oldies run.
Tell abyssal cadets I listed a classy ballet.
Now is no snide dux exuded in sons I won?
Did a musk cur tree beer trucks? … Uma did!
A petal left now is a dud, as I won’t fellate Pa.
Won’t I be rare now, or grow one rare bit now?
Now is a wollastonite yeti not sallow as I won?
“No crews”, NATO nods, “do not answer con.”
I lessen it … folderol, I ATE tailored loftiness, Eli!
Now steel fed a general a renegade fleet’s won.
Sex, if tired, is nice, Xena: an exec insider it fixes.
Redraw one cinema essay as seamen ice no warder.
Do not sleep or diet on iron, or I note I drop eels to nod.
A peg Del won knows some moss won knowledge, Pa.
To get a myna sex, I felt busy subtle fixes any mate got.
“No stupid exes revote: got to get oversexed!” I put, son.
To let a lad eye Bosnia, mere remains obeyed a late lot.
To get a ripe lamb, elect a fan a fat celeb male pirate got.
“To lasso ballet’s rot, I deliver evil”, editors tell a boss a lot.
Stacy, cinema re macerators is rot: are cameramen icy cats?
Shahs lived: I may let a despot stop sedately amid evil shahs.
Marge let a strop push … too bad; a booth supports a telegram.
An integral I miss – awe now as I saw one was similar – get Nina.
Sex I foil opening a tie by a moss, so maybe I tag nine polio fixes.
To get a mason is a cotton tub deed, but not to casinos a mate got.
One filled omen I plan is to let Adele date lots in alpine model life, no?
Won’t I deliver epee deliveries or prose I revile: deeper evil edit now?
“Amy, my masks are not tub nuts?” a fast unbuttoner asks Amy, my ma.
“One career fastened it, Wolf”, I say, “as if low tide nets a free race, no?”
Now I sexed nine ponies in a groinal plan I organise in open indexes I won.
To get a ripe lamb on salad, NASA deified a sandal a snob male pirate got.
Traded a fat Nelson I won to get a man a mate got, no winos lent a faded art.
Rex, I’m sating no mastoid if one date set a den of idiots among Nita’s mixer.
Not as I won sport, lacrosse men I fan in a fine mess, or caltrops now I sat on.
To get at Net options, we need Net tarot, or attendee news no IT potentate got.
Warming is a sign in ways we jostle fists, I felt, so Jews yawning is a sign I’m raw.
Miasma here may fill unsexed Nigerian air e.g. indexes nullify a mere ham’s aim.
Semi-metal leftist elite, yap at a tame logy golem at a tap: a yeti lets it fellate mimes.
“Pots in a crevasse let a dewy cage last if it’s a legacy,” we dateless aver, “can I stop?”
Women, if a red is nocturnal, let sacred nuts I list under castellan rut consider a fine mow.
But a pilot’s grebe citifies six issei men ere her enemies (six issei) fit icebergs to lip a tub.
Debased, I video what sudden madness Eli saw as I lessen damned dust … ah, woe divides a bed!
Parties’ runes? Oh, when I organised one, damsels in isles made nodes in a groin, eh, whose nurse I trap!
“No word I live for, eh? To mollify me?”, Tailor taps to Dot’s patrol, “I ate my fill, O mother of evil I’d row on.”
One metal left no drop rotten animals in emetic spa caps cite; men I slam in a net torpor don’t fellate me, no?
“Pull a canoe, sir, or retire to vaster fleets, for Emma had a hammer of steel!” frets a voter I terrorise on a call-up.
“So tokening ‘no’, may Alec, an emigre, be cited?” a cadet lilted, “a cadet iceberg I menace lay among nine kotos.”
If I fret far, even a model Liberia zaps a Nigerian in ebony by no Benin air (e.g. in a spa); Zaire billed Oman ever after, Fifi.
Set agenda or bases send as nine vessel pilots do not answer crews NATO nods to, lipless even in sadnesses a broad negates.
Tessa, if a man I draw deems Neve’s DNA sexist amid exams a hobo has maxed, I’m at sixes and sevens … me, Edward, in a mafia’s set!
“To lay as I keep a foe raw, a nude dux eroded nets I drop unwasted; I banish Tao oaths in a bidet sawn up or distended or exuded unaware of a peek”, I say a lot.
02 Sep 2009
Tired nude, draw a star as a rat’s awarded under it.
Nurse, ID a leg a red nude parks at a task raped underage ladies run.
To get a map a late ban, a cog eroding is a sign id or ego can abet a lap a mate got.
Traci met Otto, or Marge let a telegram root totemic art.
Denim red nudes used – undermined!
Pilots pilot a top potato lips to lip.
Pilots pilot art sacks: I risk castrato lips to lip.
Part semi-monastic, it’s a “no mimes” trap.
Sinew of fit shower crew … oh, stiff Owen is!
But at Embarcadero, bored, a crab met a tub.
No wino IT: a gill abuts a gas tubal ligation I won.
L.A. tips, O hot girl I owe, Nate got to get a new oil rig to hospital.
Lie, voodoo vanities; abase it in a voodoo veil!
Not a site nastier on gin a clever revel can ignore, it’s a net I sat on.
Dip a veil in a fan: I lie vapid.
Dip rotten animals I slam in a net, torpid.
“Dip?” I sniff on a web-tied Amiga rag, “I made it be wan, off, insipid.”
Demi, age or cinema gas is a game Nic Roeg aimed.
To Greta Garbo, cares are not a baton eraser a cobra gater got.
To Grenoble, to Hanoi, to Mali … and nail a motion a hotel boner got!
Do rapids let O’Hara hastily let effetely-lit Sahara hotels dip a rod?
Tip so a lass or cadet is debased, or rock corrodes a bed sited across a Laos pit.
“Nip military ran argon testing,” I baaed, “in an idea a big nit set  … no granary rat, I limp in.”
“Some deep sap used argon tests in a toboggan!” I nag, “Go, botanist; set no grades up as pee demos.”
Deified Erasmus says a ewer gala grew easy as sums are deified.
Erasmus sops up opuses I ran at … ah, what an “arises up” opus possums are!
Packrats assess a stark cap.
Rats ate, got pissed, undid rosy peels sleepy sordid nudes sip to get a star.
Rats are vomiting up Midoris as I, Rod, impugn it: I’m over a star.
Max, I stab a hernia: gas again, rehab at six a.m.
Decide by a mere herb if a fibre here may be diced.
Parchesi slats I replace often net foecal peristalsis eh? … crap.
Demi-monde Roman enamel sign: “I kept a fat Peking isle man enamored … no, mimed!”
May a deli rot a herb if I had a hi-fibre hat or I led a yam?
Set a metal bodega to bash sabotaged oblate mates.
Dew or ruffles rehydrated underage pagans if I snag a peg a red nude – tardy herself – furrowed.
Won’t some lucid ire we manage peg a name we ridicule most now?
Stark cat tales a ewe now assesses saw one weasel attack rats.
07 Aug 2009
Ace births all lash Tribeca.
We play or deliver to Hanoi a snob I bonsai on a hot reviled royal pew.
I? … as nobody let a design I’d done be nodding, I sedately do bonsai.
Slav respite care: can an ace race tip servals?
Elitists, a plate of nachos is at stasis; oh, can foetal pasts I tile?
“Em, a droopy burden made Kansas agog as a snake!” damned Ruby, poor dame.
“Now or never?” I ape now, “one pair even row on!”
Sue, it is a sword, do not call it stasis as I sat still; act on odd rows as I tie us.
But as Marge let a nude tart surfeit assess a tie, frustrated Una telegrams a tub.
Tie-tag entire vote: got to get over it; negate it.
Damn, I lap harassed argon I won; no wino grades Sarah Palin ‘mad’.
Sir, odd emails I germinate can add an ace tan: I’m Regis, Liam, Ed, Doris.
Debate geese we see get a bed.
Denote cases runt nurses acetoned.
Never atone, damsel, as sales made no tar even.
Draw a nasal ward’s drawl as an award.
Drawl as an award’ll draw a nasal ward.
“Lo, ordinary levitators rotatively ran!” I drool.
Nik, do ban a bodkin.
Nik, pan a napkin.
Wangaratta fed a mix of deer fat as at a freed fox I made fat Tara gnaw.
One sacred well-lit stone gardenia meridian as an aid, I remained, rage not still … lewder case, no?
“Keep it sacred!” I was told lots, “a wider cast I peek.”
May a party leg (a still-lewder case now as I saw one sacred well lit sagely) trap a yam?
“Eva, can one moth promote radio gas? No, easy as sex essays aeons ago!” I dare to morph to men on a cave.
An annoyer potted a cadet to prey on Nana.
Now is tundra hot to hard nuts I won?
No tasks: a man in a mask can stare, poor trooper, at snacks a man in a mask sat on.
No emir crawled if Nina, to get a date, got an infidel war crime on.
So geese bore her obese egos.
No pureed potion I remade; if I live here, he vilified a merino I top deer upon.
Stop drowsy fire; vote no-one to verify sword pots.
Mars, of UFO test fame: ’tis a gas item aft set of UFOs ram.
Tents rub at a burst net.
Nets I lost, so listen!
Stunts rub burst nuts.
Stunts, rubies or a rose: I burst nuts.
Eva, can I stun ogres? … wow, a wasp saw a wowser go nuts in a cave!
Sir, be dross, algae, rusts or frosts, urea, glass or debris.
Stem leprosy, obese boys, or pelmets.
Now I say “Sir, copy hypocrisy!” as I won.
Sneer, get aid, arrive, Kev: irradiate greens!
“Evil One” veneer got to green, even olive.
Tender animals I slam in a red net.
“Not Lesbos!” sobs Elton.
Stark Curt’s tier of ebola had a halo before it struck rats.
Delia met a rat, so pondered no post a rat emailed.
Net foxes, to get a date, got sex often.
17 July 2009
O sod, O tyro, tail laps ’til it’s palliatory to do so!
I may not see fallibility ’til I bill a fee; stony am I!
Garage breeder of ebony asses, say no before deer beg a rag.
“No cadets open Olive Oyl’s self, lest some vile dude live most selflessly, O evil one!” posted a con.
“Pull a citified artist, for crofts I trade I fit!” I call up.
Shahs lived well … lewd evil shahs!
Dew, Alf saw, was flawed.
Smart roses I lop (or centennial lives) net a tense villain; net necropolises or trams.
One met a democrat star: come date me, no?
“Slang Islam in a dell: I’ve debased art trades,” a bedevilled animal signals.
Repudiate mates if I set a meta-ID up ‘er!
No spoor trail alerts a wastrel: a liar troops on.
Rex, I may beget or pay a protege by a mixer.
Was I bald as an idle hobo held in a sad lab I saw?
To get a man a van, I’m in a van a mate got.
To get a man a van I trap at a signing, I sat apart in a van a mate got.
He ties it in a site, you demo some duo, yet I sanitise it, eh?
Trams erase dudes; oh those dudes are smart!
Gump, sir … can I parse odd? … I put “SS” as Idi put “stupid is as stupid does” rap in a crisp mug.
Deb, bury a herb if I had a wad a hi-fibre hay rubbed.
Let race notes push to obey dons; no dye booths upset one cartel.
10 July 2009
To grade Tim over Obese Bores Net, a tenser obese bore vomited argot.
A slim silo ho clasping a bag nips alcoholism, Ilsa.
Menace vac sales made now, as I saw one damsel as “cave canem”.
To grenades, animals revenge bid erred; I beg: never slam in a sedan ergot.
Part as a test, it felt a bat left it set as a trap.
Nine mown, Robert E. Lee let reborn women in.
Pivotal ego loss levels solo gelato VIP.
“Trade Susie no net to rape, eh?” said I, “A sheep – a rotten one – is used art.”
Gem tunes use nutmeg.
Palaces add a sec a lap.
Set on one suite parapet, I use no notes.
To lap up Indonesia, raise, nod, nip up a lot.
No IT net taste gets attention.
R.E.M. murder a rare drummer.
“Enola won’t lock radar on a mare!” vowed Emil now, as I saw on lime dew over a manor a dark colt, now alone.
Murder answer: H threw snaredrum.
Did we fade in edits’ rift as at first I denied a few did?
So many deer free dynamos.
So many drab shahs bar dynamos.
So many demanded artists I traded name dynamos.
Burning issues oppose we fine men; if ewes oppose us, sign in, rub.
Max, I stay ’til I bait a snide trap’s gelded legs-parted insatiability at six a.m.!
Did I party ’til I bedded a fan in a faded debility trap? … I did!
One tirade wore off if foe rowed a rite, no?
“Won’t rope rip a chair apart, lustier owl I’ve drooped on at a node? … poor devil wore its ultra-pariah cap!” I report now.
“Maddened rubes,” proclaimed Nena, “level an endemial corpse-burdened dam.”
For pain, rehab a hernia, Prof.
Toll an anal Iota Pi motto: “Ban a bottom I pat, oil an anal lot.”
Sex, or ex-Latin eggnogs, gong genital xeroxes.
Deific lace did no patenting; I sedate buoys a lot; I pace now as I saw one capitol: as you beta-design it, net a pond I decalcified.
26 Jun 2009
Sleep, poor tap, in rut, as I tell a man a mallet is a turnip a troop peels.
Turnip, eel, six ale risks: I relax, I sleep in rut.
Turnip unrubbed, Deb: burn up in rut.
No devil is wet, so gab: “A turnip unrubbed, Deb – burn up in rutabago stews I lived on.”
“To get a man a mate got, to get at six alert sumos, I so must relax!”,  I state, “got to get a man a mate got.”
Eva, can I stir a web or plan an anal probe war? … it’s in a cave!
To gypsum – enamel-bonded – a faded nobleman emu spy got.
Nino tore snoods: revivers DO, on serotonin.
Deer craft one volume: Foster felt its title frets of “emu love” not “far creed”.
“Oil Of Emu Love”, Nina saw, was a nine volume folio.
Reliability rams Mary –  ’til I bail ‘er.
KO, man! … a raj ninja ran amok!
To greedy deer, greyer gnus add a sun greyer greedy deer got.
To greedy deer, gyms may level yams my greedy deer got.
To greedy deer, gates assess a set a greedy deer got.
Trade meets esteemed art.
Shall a wee shah see wallahs?
Won’t esteemed art I trade meet set now?
Traci, to resite yetis opposite yeti serotonin, Diana can aid Nino to resite yetis opposite yetis’ erotic art.
So … lost an eye? … most soldier on, so to snore, I’d lost some yen at solos.
Live for a jar of women infidels I misled if nine mow for a jar of evil.
No cotton, woven infidels in enamel, is simian: is a Sinai missileman enisled if nine vow not to con?
Trade women as nine men, insane, mowed art.
One vole can embrace no one-carb menace, love, no?
Loopy poor Danish tomb moths in a dynamo stab at so many Danish tomb moths in a droopy pool.
Stiff, Raw, Droopy, Nasal; alas, any poor dwarf fits.
Stiff, Raw, Droopy, Nasal; a semantic illicit name stub … but semantic illicit names, alas, any poor dwarf fits.
Debts rife now, a shah saw one first bed.
Damn Rob, but set a nit’s bosun off on us: obstinate, stubborn, mad!
No symbols assess a slob, my son.
Tacit names, Lee, free deer feel semantic at.
For a jar of pee, will a gleeful fan in a flu feel gall I weep for a jar of?
Note Jews’d rib birds we jet on.
I prevent Lu’s error: result never pi.
So I dare to meditate, gibe, wane, pop a troll or tap open a web I get at; I demote radios.
Do not rob a low troll I begat, nor fondle his ass, as I held no frontage bill or two: labor to nod.
Draw dessert sideways at scenes I redivide: risen ecstasy/awe/distress, Edward.
My god is all I kill as I do gym.
To lag, nip a terminator camera based on nodes; a bare macro tan I’m retaping a lot.

19 Jun 2009
Emus’ nocturnal plan: rut; consume.
Rex, I made sure no toner used a mixer.
No stats folio made sabres a red eraser based a moil of stats on.
As able ikons sap it, I pass no kielbasa.
A local LA cola … is Pepsi a local LA cola?
Grenades used an erg.
Grenade tat saved tubs but devastated an erg.
Llamas’ tip: it’s a mall.
Put rats in a van I start up.
Elastic, I fed a deficit sale.
Sue, robots edit peptides to bore us.
Sue, robots nail a tired loser; ultra-smart rams’ art lures older Italians to bore us.
Sore zones oppose no Zeros.
To prevent sulks, I risk lust, never pot.
Too bad I hid a boot.
Traci, do I repay aperiodic art?
Traci, games use magic art.
Traci, mock comic art.
Traci, do sip episodic art.
Traci, to rue no data, do neurotic art.
Traci to idiots: “May we sew yams to idiotic art?”
Traci, develop data now on a tadpole: Vedic art.
Traci, dole me most eggnog as telling a hag nil lets a gong get some melodic art.
To order cassettes, sack cassettes’ sacred root.
To get a rat up a drain, a psoriatic I let elicit air, O Spaniard, a “puta” rate got.
‘Til less traffic I summarise, yes, I ram music, if farts sell it.
“Dig!” I ram home to ten I push, “So Pa sees a posh supine totem … oh … Ma, rigid.”
No, I zero no rigidities, I’ve let Hannah televise it, I dig iron ore, Zion.
Sagas’ sad lot erased one varlet, so more Zero Mostel raven odes are told as sagas.
Semite, most rap stars allot a toll as rats part sometimes.
Delivery men estimated a caitiff fits a stiff fit: I, a cadet, am its enemy reviled.
Detente was a way a papaya was a wet net, Ed.
Strap racks amid a boss so bad I mask car parts.
Sarah Connor’s laid Arnie in radials, Ron – no charas!
Trade bare votes shahs set over a bed, Art.
He won’t fight a ban if I, Jesus, use Jif in a bath gift now, eh?
“At a den I let a discrete maiden one diameter”: CSI dateline data.
“Taboo zanier ultra-cool gin”: a telegram, Marge, let an igloo cart lure in a zoo bat.
A tadpole vedette’s sacred role to map a motel: order cassette, develop data.
Bus no cabaret fallacy to obese boys at scenic items, O Cara, cosmetic in ecstasy; obese booty call after a bacon sub.
Now I see penury, can its bowed limp mildew obstinacy run epees I won?
Wolf, never evoke epistle welts; I peek over even flow.
Play my rock cartel title track, Cory: “My Alp”.
Now in a manor, is navel bat cider part lunacy? … can ultra-predictable vans iron a man I won?
Won’t one fast rape nip ultra-pure pot to get a man a mate got to Peru – part lupine, part safe, not now?
Must a fatal apostle caste stipulate memos to tot some metal up? … it sets a Celt’s opal at a fat sum.
Sleepy cartel, bad debts in red, omen of idle heroes, use ore held if one modernist (beddable Tracy) peels.
Di, can a rose butt settle my baby, my amative Evita; may my baby melt test tubes or an acid?
Do not be wed: I, W.D.L., row on no World Wide Web to nod.
To do fungi lamaseries, Eire’s a malign UFO dot.
Des, in obese butts, ETs trap parts test tubes ebonised.
To help me – ’til a mate got to go – got to get a Mali temple hot.
12 Jun 2009
So help me to temple ho’s!
Slam in a dell appalled animals.
Raw on a mast, it’s a man o’ war.
“Deer gaits end a mad nest,” I agreed.
Rue tamales, nits and Edna’s tinsel amateur.
Do get a rifled elf, irate god.
Eva, can I put on star cots irate jet aristocrats, not up in a cave?
Oh, whose model bath girl lessened sane men as denes sell rightable domes, oh who?
As I let a date grow on Scilly, did we let a geneticist relax if I fix alerts I cite, negate lewd idyllic snow, or get a date, Lisa?
Did a bare vocal leap at a paella cover a bad ID?
Did I fire on a canoer a map or did I drop a mare on a canoer if I did?
Now did a cadet relax if a fix alerted a cad I’d won?
Push to obey enemy men; enemy men eye booths up.
To lap up a plain arcane post, old lots open a cranial pap up a lot.
Are posses sane men, as we few sane men assess opera?
One sure voyageur tasting is a sign it’s a true gay overuse, no?
Rae, no lost New Yorker treks a masker trek Roy went solo near.
Traci, saboteur traps add a spar true to basic art.
Rag user, upset: “Sate no-one; no-one tastes pure sugar!”
No evil sets a true craft so lost farceur tastes live on.
Rot can avoid a redialed Adelaide radio van actor.
Poseur, taster, germ: Adam regrets a true sop.
May a gal from LA predraw a worse path to be solo?: gas no enemy burlap, pay no milage, beg alimony, appal ruby men eons ago, lose both tapes, row a warder, palm or flag a yam.
Deflate medals not on Slade metal fed.
No sadnesses send a son.
Damn a madness; evil lives send a man mad!
“Same decimals,” I say, “Lo! Holy as Islamic edemas!”
To panic in a pew, we panic in a pot.
Tuckered obese Bo Derek can know I won knackered obese Bo Derek … “Cut!”
05 Jun 2009
Tiramisu, O lucite metal, pared, is no cotton knot: to consider a plate meticulous, I mar it.
Pussy ban at Esmae’s: a seam set an abyss up.
“Marge let one mattress,” an ace dude can assert, “tame no telegram.”
“Delia, with gin, O tyro, get a cadet to Ryde: Garth’s ash tragedy rotted a category tonight!” I wailed.
We stoned a rap duo, yet one calm idyll is a silly dim lace note you’d parade, not sew.
Sit in, O tire planer, to gigabyte-fast – so lame! – hi-fi tubs, but if I hem a lost safety bag, I got renal peritonitis.
Yes, one Maltese became blatant, so post in an act: can a nit so postnatal be mace-beset/lame/nosey?
I am a sleepy type, Elsa-Mai.
“Start, Sir, a style-remote voter … adieu! Go, game demagogue!” I dare to veto merely tsarist rats.
9.30 ode blast: it’s “Albedo 0.39”.
Pass up my lot, Mt. Olympus sap!
Traci, no men mailed Delia mnemonic art.
On one idyll, a turbogenerator aimed academia rota, Rene: go, brutally die, no, no!
To lash tap nodes, a bore has ’em annoy Al Pacino: men made/mimed a mnemonic, a play on names a hero based on paths a lot.
Des, usury Cy eliminated: a mere remade tan I, Miley Cyrus, used.
“Delia, wear spandex if fusillades reversed: all I suffixed naps!” Rae wailed.
Ed, all I suffer as I see bees is a ref fusillade.
“Nora, be nosy a sec if fussy obese boys suffice,” says one baron.
Deflate pastel leprosy art rays or pellets a petal fed.
Seuss impromptu ode: kestrel alerts eked out PM or PM issues.
Enola’s party’s superb if I help Ma sample hi-fibre pussy traps alone.
Des, used to pastel, wore in water a pot as a top: are tawnier owlets a pot Des used?
Delegates’ pure paper upset a gel, Ed.
Burier of ebony, as I’m a ham, I say no before I rub.
Traci rots: I honed a rapier of ebony as I say no before I parade no historic art.
Pansy assessor contests, Alan: in a last set, no crosses say ‘snap’.
Leah, parrot codes I artily lit raise Doctor Raphael.
Hanoi to metal fan: one sirocco risen on a flat emotion … ah!
No devil set, I look cornier on ore in rock oolites lived on.
Puccini to cinema lasses so pining: “I sign in, I possess a lame nicotinic cup!”
“Won’t I sign it? Cello collecting is,”  I say as I sign it, “cello collecting. … is it now?”
Leah, cimex alien telegrams assert stress as Marge let Neil axe Michael.
Now if log foe mages retaliated, do geese see God detail a terse game of golf I won?
Now if log foe mages retaxed nine men, index a terse game of golf I won.
Now if log foe mages net a par, trap a tense game of golf I won.
Now if log foe mages net a “golfing is wow!” sign, I flog a tense game of golf I won.
Turn iron I made in Ed’s drawer to hot rewards denied a minor in rut.
A sleepy troop for even tubes I – Trev Day – advertise, but never of poor type, Elsa.
Ties I’ve doted on are votes set over a node to devise it.
Definitely, Tsar, a style tin I fed.
Now if I don’t nod to get a map a mate got, don’t nod if I won.
Nemo pats egrets no more: zero monster Gestapo men.
“Spacy assessor cadet, fold a hill I had lofted across,” essay caps.
Lee had a hip; I had a heel.
Sturdily, my lid ruts.
A sleepy-tone xylophone drawn on a non-warden? … oh, “Poly-Xenotype”, Elsa.
Won’t a bar tab at a crap Morocco romp arc a tab at Rabat now?
21 May 2009
Trevor, oenology let a tip icer precipitately go, lone or overt.
“Stock coriander!” a pot-detractor still opined to help a man, “If in a maple-hot den I poll it’s rot carted to pare DNA, I rock cots”.
To laze, fan a mate … got to get a man a fez a lot.
“Go Jews!” I say at Semite paganists, “I trade rut-purple hot tubs, but to help ruptured artists in a gape time stay ‘as is’, we jog.”
As I let a dismayed arty baby trade yams, I date Lisa.
As I let a dewy burro jam a sign in ruby metal up itself, I ran across an ass … or can a rifle stipulate my burning is a Major Ruby we date, Lisa?
No taser on gigantic items – octal fasts – a flat cosmetic IT nag ignores a ton.
Semi-teetotaller Ed nicks a yam; I may ask Cinderella to tee times.
Nurses send: “Does a clone (Evita, genetic error) recite negative enol case oddnesses? … run!”
Xenograft a Y: do breed deer body at far-gone X.
Partner, entrap Xenia: my main ex-partner … entrap!
To lap up a bat’s live evil, stab a pup a lot.
Lob magneto brevities in or tap if I patronise it: I, verboten, gambol.
Man, I rust at Surinam.
Ten game babes net a tense babe magnet.
Red, I am a yodeller apparelled, O yam aider.
“Not ‘Taps’!” groaned oud seller, amarelles, duodena or G S Patton.
Eh caballero, free beer for Ella Bache!
Pat went: “Oh, a hot new tap!”
Stacy, dalliances animals slam in a sec nail lady cats.
But a node calf is at Lebanon; on a belt as if laced on a tub.
Gnaw two batons: I gnaw to lose now; one solo twang is not a bow twang.
Des, opera’s part-lit nude man erases proctors’ rot: corpses are named until traps are posed.
Drowsy, we don’t allot a toll at no dewy sword.
Lindi, as today’s word’s “drowsy”, a dot said nil.
Alone on a pier, a Danish side dish’s in a dare I pan, O Enola.
“But snot let an aide mock a tan underlay,” orated a cadet, a royal red nunatak comedian, at Elton’s tub.
“Reviled, I won Pussy banal life, but animals I slam in a tube fill an abyss up now,” I deliver.
Start federal lariats, an olive and a DNA evil on a stair: all are deft rats.
07 May 2009
Poor Dallas is all a-droop.
“Emaciation? … no, Ita, I came.”
Now a sleeve Elsa won.
Must savage breed deer beg a vast sum?
“Emir, get a bed!” I say as I debate grime.
Eva, can I trade if I re-verified art in a cave?
One vital rep uses a base superlative, no?
Meet sea-ice, polar epee delivery men, ere I let an atelier enemy revile deeper alopecia esteem.
Spare vital bases runts dim amidst nurses’ ablative raps.
Store portents, omen-adder: if a seer frees a fired Dane, most net rope rots.
Air a lame ruck: can some demo snack cure malaria?
A medic I use notes pus upset one suicide, Ma.
You ban iron I made; you buoyed a minor in a buoy.
Today, Ruby, a mote veto may bury a dot.
Now, Ira, can one messiah tow two Thais’ semen on a car I won?
Nurse, tar a pesticide; mar a paramedic it separates … run!
Sleepy baby, knit symbols as it is a slob my stinky baby peels.
Won’t Neil ask radar evoker type Elsa to dot a sleepy trek over a dark salient now?
Knit some mate lots of UFOs to let a memo stink.
Fool all Asian iron gismos, silos or Oman; an amoroso lissom signorina is all aloof.
Tess, as I hoe diverse inn antennae, mean net nannies re-video his asset.
Aidan sets a typo on some memo Snoopy tastes, Nadia.

07 May 2009
“I go?” yaks ask a yogi.
To grab an igloo, cool gin a bar got.
Raw anise can embalm lab menaces in a war.
Jenn Aniston Keith saw wash: tie knots in Anne J.
“Levant, Lebanon, Italy or Troy”: Latin on a belt navel.
Steven, in a cot, put:  “Can a man act up?” to canine vets.
Feral, like we care not if stark rats fit one race, we kill a ref.
Lanes ran amid bomb mud as a dumb mob dim an arsenal.
Poor dynamite yetis note paste wets a pet on-site yeti … many droop.
To get a herb, a camel bone can add an ace noble macabre hate got.
Marta, Nina, Melba, Ella, Maria and Edna air a malleable man in a tram.
“Name Bologni tarts no mermaid eked!” I am remonstrating, O lobe man.
“Node variegating is editing: is it a pat ‘I sign it, I design it’ age?” I raved on.
So get some tar, oil emailed animals I slam in a deli, ameliorate most egos.
To lay raided insanities, I nag rootable Melba to organise it in a snide diary a lot.
Did I sew on a mat: “Can a trade tale be belated art; an act a man owes?” … I did!
Deliver stark satanism, or go plan a bow to two banal pogroms in a task rats reviled.
Beset on a node if I revise noble macrame, we mar camel bones I verified on a note, Seb.
Sagas won Kyle no LSD, I am told, as a maiden I poll opined I am a sad lot: maids, lonely, know sagas.
Trader, I am omega-made, yet never pot red ronions … no, in order to prevent eye damage, Mom aired art.
Eva can I put a clap on a palisade, if I revise noble macros or camel bones I verified as I lap an opal cat up in a cave?
To lash Tom to her arm, a rotten aerial cedar toter used a mite, yet I made sure to trade Claire a net to ram rare hot moths a lot.
Now if fun snide liver dessert can aid raw dessert, can a peek keep an actress – Edwardian actress, Ed! –  reviled in snuff I won?

22 Apr 2009
“Delia, with ginseng, a salad eked a lasagne’s night!” I wailed.
To lasso bees, I see Boss a lot.
Tess laid a sanitary rat in as a dial’s set.
Draw a nurse’s run: nurses run a ward.
In a cool gismo, organise to melt busy subtle motes in a groom’s igloo … can I?
“Damon, as acid among nitro termini sewed one node, we sin!” I’m retorting, nomadic as a nomad.
“Tosh, sir, in a dell, a crew’s nastier on gin; ignore its answer!” called an Irish sot.
Burn at space now as I saw one capstan rub.
Narnia, pan in oily lion Aslan: across a pass or canals, an oily lion in a pain ran.
To lag at an odema, a lass in a diadem and a hobo had no bag; a vagabond a hobo had named Aidan is salaamed on a tag a lot.
Eva, can I mail a pal lettergrams (telegrams) so boss Marge lets Margret tell a pal I am in a cave?
Tim made no stinky spyglass; a vassal gypsy knits one, dammit!
To grammar pupils: if I slip up, ram Margot.
16 Apr 2009
Mehitabel, a pale bat I hem.
If I flag ermine men, I’m regal Fifi.
I’m a Slav in race carnivals, am I?
Patsy, no pastime remits a pony’s tap.
Sam, allow two cots to cow two llamas.
Crates are vowels I slew over a set arc.
Deliver sand finely, Len, if DNA’s reviled.
An angel to Hades abased a hot leg, Nana.
Dog foe cargo temple, help me to grace of God.
Sure, vile droopy men – enemy poor – deliver us.
Wash Sartre, liar, to net a hate no trailer trash saw.
Al, I overuse both selfsame nice cinemas’ flesh, to be sure … voila!
May a store fill lit sanitary caps as a spacy rat in a still life rots a yam?
“Delia, we handed Enid DNA; Den, I wined and dined Edna!” he wailed.
“Smart saps nurse tar costs if I cap a pacifist”, Socrates runs past rams.
Won’t I ban no Mae West? … I was in a van; I saw it sew Eamonn a bit now.
Spasms in a node path to both cranial pates set a plain arch to both taped onanism saps.
Ed I snidely led under a proximate sewerage peg: are we set a mix, or, pared nudely, led inside?
“Traci, games are to nodes on a nosegay as ewes are to nods madams do not erase”, we say, “ages on a nose do not erase magic art.”
01 Apr 2009
“Margots, I hate now!” Tonya’s nacre paper can say, “no two net a histogram.”
To lay a sign, I sit in a sewer … are we sanitising?” I say a lot.
Eva, can I drag Eric in a panic I regard in a cave?
Was it rats – older rats – animals I slam in a starred lost art I saw?
“Evil yams parcel truth to be lurid,” I rule, “both turtle craps may live”.
Rev on a rig I ran over.
Buried on a site by a mill, I may bet, is a node I rub.
Call, eh son, to grammar gym, for a jar of my grammar got no shellac.
To pert new Aramaics I date so a Lao set a disc, I am a raw entrepot.
Trades in me losing is a sign I solemnised art.
We deride dire dew.
“Emit no gas,” I say, as I sag on time.
“Define my carburetor with gins amidst idle histograms – Margot’s – I held: it’s dim as night,” I wrote, “Rub racy men I fed.”
20 Mar 2009
Yawn, woman, in a mown way.
Yawn, warden, as Nina did – an insane, drawn way.
Yawn if Lena, Nina, or Gina call: “Ella, can I groan in an elfin way?”
An Italian is a Sinai Latina.
Amazed, I sniff inside Zama.
Won’t senators rot a nest now?
Bats I see bow to two bees I stab.
Pets nip mad Sara’s damp instep.
Push to me: set lame Maltese moths up.
On idyllic snow, alas, it is a law on Scilly, Dino.
O gym gypsy, a senile feline says: “Pygmy, go!”
Traci, ore hymnal pots may level yams to plan my heroic art.
Not ‘Les Etats-Unis’: i.e. no final plan if one is in U. States, Elton.
Did a nude Kansas bomber gazette Zagreb mobs as naked? … Una did.
“Gnaw two batons!” I yell over a radio void, “a rare volley is not a bow twang!”
Eva, can I bar an ass, or career across a pass, or career across an Arab in a cave?
Footnote veil erosion roped under a tag, and nag at a red nude porno I so relieve Tonto of.
“Shahs sun a rude tag: it’s a candy-ass tactic, illicit cats,” say DNA-castigated Uranus shahs.
Did Borgnine bet ten nastier acts if I cap an act? … can a pacifist care it’s Annette Bening Rob did?
No sad lot is a net for entrapping odder animals if I slam in a red dog: nip partner often, as I told a son.
“To lag, nip at one tonic: I tame nice damsels in one more hot demand I’d named to hero-men on isles made cinematic,” I note, not aping a lot.
“Did I part a sad lot as a sale to her, I, a zanier albino in acid, all a-panic in a paIladic anion,” I blare in a Zaire hotel,”as Asa told a satrap I did?”
26 Feb 2009
Peek in at rats as tartan I keep.
Debate sputniks so dodos, skint, upset a bed.
“Red, I had,” I fib, “a nip so new a yam may awe no spina bifida hider.”
Now, one last piece retailored loftily lit folderol I ate: receipt sale now on!
Animative cinema fed Tony ammo; deer freedom may not defame nice vitamin A.
Eva, can I eradicate Goths, as a DNA level and a sash to get acid are in a cave?
Eva, can I erase, baby, mere hosts or frost, so here my babes are: in a cave?
No parades: a bistro’s four Ugandan apostates push togas a Goth’s upset at, so pan a DNA guru (of sorts) I based a rap on.
Sum in a deli: a man is so stupid as to grab a nip in a sad Nara bar, and as a nip in a bar got sad, I put SOSs in a mailed animus.
One volcano dose made nine dames OD on a clove, no?
21 Feb 2009
Now I may assess a yam I won.
Oh who may assess a yam, oh who?
Oh … a paraded Arapaho.
Nematodes use Dot … amen!
Dense yet solid, I lost eyes, Ned.
Name visa vessels, less evasive man!
To last, I denote virility ’til i rivet on edits a lot.
To get a ripe note, nab a net one pirate got.
To get a ruck radared, I cap a cider a dark curate got.
To get a gel on me, get a gay agate gem no legate got.
No sibling able to hate let a hotel bag nil bison.
Gals net Lombardy lion in oily drab molten slag.
Eli frets as I do not nurse babes … run to no disaster file!
Dilapidated, a caste gets a cadet, a dip, a lid.
“Pee – with gin taste, Geno – one gets at night,” I weep.
Tonsillitis is a banana reviver, an anabasis I till is not.
Eva, can I erase babes …  oh, whose babes are in a cave?
On Emil’s wastage bin, a man I begat saw slime, no?
“Trap mildew or char one menorah!” crowed limp Art.
Nurse us, sign it, turn one rut purple, help rupture non-rutting issues, run!
Aid a crass Arcadian; a crew or a rower can aid a crass Arcadia.
No sign is in agronomy tests: “Etymon organising is on”.
Gold (I call it sanitised; I have sanitised art): Hannah trades it in as Eva hides it in a still acid log.
Strafe nine times – a nonet for evil editors – rot I deliver often on a Semite: nine farts.
Emit nits, older obese boy: obese, bored, lost in time.
Stop, foe! … unite, radiate, yet aid a retinue of pots!
“Delia … with Gil! Bared, nude, part-raped under a blight!” I wailed.
None, Kate, can assess an ace taken on.
Di passed away, not sad, as Tonya wades, sapid.
Delia, near midnight, I wet a mate with gin dim Rae nailed.
“Strap DNA to grasp multimedias,” I said, “emit lumps, argot, and parts.”
“Emir, can I risk cartilage Lara passes?” said Ed, “I assess a paralegal I track, Sir, in a crime.”
Ned, I am deified, as a duo let a nose resonate loud as a deified maiden.
Starred, we let acid embolisms I lob medicate lewder rats.
Starred, we let acid arenas I trap at Elsa’s let a partisan eradicate lewder rats.
Starred, we let a Brut sample help masturbate lewder rats.
Hat uses are named if a noble ET negates a set; a genteel bona fide man erases Utah.
Red lobster cesspools made dams’ loops’ secrets bolder.
Lionise many baby names; reverse many baby names in oil.
Sebastian, an ablative node divided one vital banana – it’s Abe’s.

31 Dec 2008
Girlies ban an abseil rig.
Sort seams, maestros!
Deanna: so hip I hosannaed!
I pot code so he hosed octopi.
“Notes erase it,” I contrast, “it’s art no cities are set on.”
“Desserts erase it!” I claimed, “Academial corpses proclaimed academial cities are stressed!”
Now erase it: I cane two hot togaed ions as no idea got to how tenacities are won.
Nix a final plait, Ned, if no confidential plan I fax in.
“No!”, I tap, “It’s no contest … it set no constipation.”
Sam upset a dwarf I tar, as a rat, if raw, dates pumas.
Debatable Dom, a toga papa, got a model bat a bed.
Notified on a note, I diet on a node I fit on.
Gander on, Giselle, sign it, else I call a felt tile “mossy” as my gym says some little fallacies let in Giselle’s ignored nag.
Togaed in acid, I caw, “Oh how acidic an idea got!”
Won’t some dire dresser deride most now?
No, we wet a bed as a debate we won.
All I rap – as rastafarian actors rot – can air a fat sarsaparilla.
Spasm regrets: as I delay a sec, I’ve drawn war devices a Yale disaster germ saps.
“Nor is Bali scenic,” I demonstrate, “Dams made tarts no medicine CSI labs iron.”
Gnus’ toner as gnostic illiteracy let a tsar evoke epistle-mad negated acts; a vast cadet agenda melts; I peek over a stately caret; illicit songs are not sung.
Walt, some tart surfing is a sign I frustrate most law.
Nine mower ombudswomen a Dane mows dub more women in.
“Strap red dabs, Ned, I am not lewd!” I say, as I dwelt on maidens’ badder parts.

19 Dec 2008
An Indian act can aid Nina.
Re hotel cyclopaedia idea, Pol: cycle to her.
Dwelt on, erased odes are not lewd.
Keeping is a sign I peek.
Attendees, in arena crap I trod – off odor, Rod, off odor! – tip arcaner aniseed, Netta.
Hero, do nose’s acne – poison, a clove, volcanos –  I open cases on odor, eh?
Des it is nesting – I sedate Goths – I wish to get a design it sensitised.
A lobelia truce made not one dame curtail Ebola.
To labor in a mall, I kill a man I rob a lot.
To labor in a maple, help a man I rob a lot.
To labor in rows, distil slits I’d sworn I rob a lot.
To labor in a field as a party baby, trap a sad lei fan I rob a lot.
Senile yet savage, men I fed define mega-vast eye-lines.
To lap up a spilt aftosa tot, a sot fat-lips a pup a lot.
He emits it in a fat pod at summer: “A harem must adopt a fan; it is time, eh?”
To here, we mossy obese boys order red rosy obese boys: some were hot.
Harp on one essay – as seen on Oprah!
Put news of usage plan I fan on a final peg as UFOs went up.
O naughty man, I saw I was in a myth: guano!
“Note: Lisa got no day-care ’til a toga papa got a literacy ad on togas,” I let on.
Torn, I again am liable to help misaward if I draw a simple hotel bailman I again rot.
No spillage refastens nets a free deer fastens net-safe regal lips on.
Traction, Eva, hews a Laos wonder I fired now … so alas, we have no IT cart.
Zap otter germs in a gross arc; a wastrel, alert, saw a crass organism regret topaz.
“Motto: beg a vast eye, dun sharp opals!” I say as I slap Oprah’s nude-yet-savage bottom.
Emus said a fast-nap red nude tart sullied a memo here … were home-made illustrated underpants a fad, I assume?
12 Dec 2008
Put upon, I waste bets a wino put up.
Was it arts a castrati modelled? … Omit arts a castrati saw.
He’s to let in Argyle kilts or federal folk … lo!, flare-defrost likely granite lots, eh?
To let in a brush, turn Ruth’s urbanite lot.
Pander it, tan unattired, nap.
Party or tan in oil, O lion in a troy trap.
No winos purr: it stupified a mix I made if I put stirrups on – I won!
To last so, Claire, abuse on a canoe – subaerial – costs a lot.
No can is sold as a tie damsel (as Linkin Park rap, Nik): nil sales made it a sad loss in a con.
“Tip, a lost cadet, saw a sign: is a reef far?” I gasp among no maps, “a giraffe erasing is a wasted act, so lap it.”
I did mock rap’s, did I?
As I vacillate, my metal pots may level yams to plate my Metallica visa.
“Eva, can I ref footy?” Lima family to offer in a cave.
Straps may pull if I fill up yams’ parts.
One Pope pops off: “Obese boffos, Pope? … Pope? … no!”
Did I fill up space dams? … a hobo has made caps pull if I did.
Boredom mocks a mad damask commode, Rob.
To lay a plan, I’m on nominal pay a lot.
Won’t I beg Dee: “Finks’ sarcasm lifting is a sign it films a crass knife-edge bit now?”
Re-sole man on a rotunda base: he’s a bad nut or a no-name loser.
Lion: if I saw one rut, and I cast it, can a man act its acid nature now as if in oil?
Not issued ammo, deer fear guns, snug Rae, freedom made us sit on.
He’d examined all law on missed dogs’ eyes: “I’ve distended nets I devise, yes, goddess, I’m now all laden … I’m axed, eh?”
One nip, one melt taco’s a pleasure in a zanier USA, El Paso cattlemen opine, no?
Now I say, “Can its bored nihility let a reneged evil madam live degenerately til I hinder obstinacy as I won?”
5 Dec 2008
To lay-by all lists, I’ll lay-by a lot.
Bird in a cage, peg a can I’d rib.
No dialytic ore fees see ferocity laid on.
No dialytic rats Star City laid on.
No casino dialytic rat Star City laid on is a con.
No casino can ever offer one Keno ref, for even a con is a con.
No casino can ever odd-or-even: a con is a con.
No casino can even up a pun: even a con is a con.
“Sail!”, a reheard Edna hails, as Lia handed Rae her alias.
Sail as I held darts to not straddle his alias.
Sue, Rip must fill a tip so hospital lifts umpire us.
Tie it to node: most eye doctors rot code yet some do not tie it.
Now I am an apt eye doctor: I rot code yet Panama I won.
Pi data’s in: a monitors inept eye doctor too fled Oman – a model foot-rot code – yet penis-rot in Oman is at a dip.
No rot in Oman, rut in a crew or gel in a Nile grower … can I turn a monitor on?
Nadia’s Essene killed Omaha model likenesses, Aidan.
Denim-red nudists I’d unburdened rub nudists I’d undermined.
Now I say no benign ivory booty burdened Ruby, Lisa easily burdened Ruby too, by roving in ebony as I won.
Mined for allocated action, we sew no IT cadet a collar of denim.
One pat, not camera haste, gets a harem act on tape, no?

1 Dec 2008
Eidetic ewes run an act: can a nurse we cite die?
‘Tis a heron; or it is a hydrolytic city … Lordy, has it iron ore, has it?
Won’t we nab a newt now?
Sums are nodes: abscissal classics based on Erasmus.
No, define my harem misogyny; go simmer a hymen I fed on.
O sap, let a lion I deter refine men I ferreted in oil at El Paso.

27 Nov 2008
No braces use carbon.
No robots are drawn in, warder, as to boron.
Starred lodes I lit utilised older rats.
May one tail I tore hydrate me, tardy hero, ’til I ate no yam?
KC: its pillagers are not as selfless a toner as regal lipstick.
Red does reverse odder.
Yawn, redo man in a modern way.
Yawn, redo mania in a modern way.
Yawn, redo maniac ire to seem a god, net Nintendo game esoterica in a modern way.
Yawn, red Omani shahs, in a modern way.
He won kismetic ire to see esoteric items I know, eh?
“Parse inn argosy as I fire her … if I say so,” grannies rap.
One Maltese song aide, he diagnoses ET lame, no?
To fly flag, Elliot, test: is it set to illegal fylfot?
Des, a reign in Romania got a peek in a costing: I sign it, so can I keep a toga in a morning I erased?
To press orgasms, a crass goddess I patted never used a made-sure vendetta … pissed dogs sarcasm’s a grosser pot.
To pat one weasel – if Edna is sure no-one’s procedural – let’s tell a rude corpse no-one Russian defiles a ewe not a pot.
“Devil, erase it in a snide tone taken as sane,” Kate noted, “insanities are lived.”
Yes, truckle, Nate: let an elk curtsey.
Pity Tina, for paste gets a profanity tip.
Scrooge, I’d nastily lit San Diego orcs.
Won’t I belt tile notes if I set one little bit now?
“Di, a sign I mimed a rap to pep a trek: citadels led a tickertape pot parade, miming,” I said.
Worn at an inn, a hoyden – Ruby – burned Yohann in a tan row.
Foe of Des, I’ve let one vixen assess an ex I’ve no televised foe of.
“Sir, did I assess a fox I made? I’ve levied a mix of asses,” said Idris.
Nurse, rude corpses’ procedures run.
Tell a man I gave damn unatoned art as a trade, not an unmade vagina mallet.
He trades it in as I sanitised art, eh?
No Omani devil lived in a moon.
“Slam in acid!” I call, if I fill acidic animals.
Maybe rehire women, as a sane mower I hereby am.
Nip sanitary care now, as I saw one racy rat in a spin.
“Won’t I taste genocide, master?” frets a medic, “one gets at it now.”
Red nude women ill at a flat: urbanised underage models led omega-red nudes in a brutal fatal line mowed under.
Trade no DNA, ban all its stir of live evil, for it’s still an abandoned art.

5 Nov 2008
Sex images Sega mixes.
Stolen indexes, Ed: I desexed nine lots.
Wontons I emit, eh? … the time is not now.
Sparse yet unwary, my raw nut eyes raps.
We decided ore’s iron, or is eroded ice dew.
Note both sadists I tiled doll up if I pull odd elitists I dash to bet on.
Notify a miracle to memo some motel car I may fit on.
Straps may not cap minarets of steel, for pro fleets foster an impact on yams’ parts.
To get at sane men, a snide dire dresser derided insane men a state got.
“Strap Mia in: a man in a mania trucks a madder red damask curtain!” a man in a mania imparts.
“A tiny raw nude diced for a jam I’m a jar of,” decided unwary Nita.
Smart nomarchs’ arty trash cram on trams.
Won’t local apparel like kilts – oh, ghostlike killer! – appal a colt now?
Eva, can I sex-image my trapeze party mega-mixes in a cave?
Wets may decide damp mats I stamp made diced yam stew.
If I felt tense yet sold a symbol I lob, my sad lost eyes nettle Fifi.
Buried on an animal situated amid a pad I made taut, I slam in an anode I rub.
Nurse Madame De Sade tarred nudists I’d under-rated as edema dames run.
Won’t one spy, L.A. cop, assess Apocalypse Now, as I saw one spy, L.A. cop, assess Apocalypse Not Now?

29 Oct 2008
Yell: “A moron I lap harasses Sarah Palin or O’Malley!”
All I saw was sung in: a moron I lap harasses Sarah Palin or Omani gnus saw Wasilla.
“Ned, I bet ten I bore O.J.!” delivers reviled Joe Robinette Biden.
But anise I revile decides Sarah Palin edibility ’til I – Biden – I lap harassed ice deliveries in a tub.
“My gay brood are voting,” I signal,  “So to go to slang I sign it over a door by a gym.”
Party men, enamor-free, bed a miser Aceh deified: he cares I made beer from an enemy trap.
No renegade used a generality ’til a renegade sued a gene, Ron.
Set a flagellate I cosh to both societal/legal fates.
All I roger is edified art I trade if I desire gorilla.
Senile candy-ass revivers say “DNA? Celine’s!”

27 Oct 2008
Aidan spits red dust: “If foe-rot is a store of evil, a live foe rots as I tore off its udders’ tips, Nadia.”
“Set alerts, O hymen assessor: cone dams made no crosses sane,” my host relates.
Set one ebony baby no bee notes.
As I let a cadet relay no risks, irony alerted a cat, Elisa.
Defy men ere her enemy fed.
Woe! – my leg assumes emus sagely meow.
Won’t fir dales sever it, net it or rot it? – entire vessel adrift now.
Nurse, nip one drawer if a fire is aeons ago (to go to gas): no easier if a fire-warden opines “Run!”
Mars UFOs told a case: “he’s a cad lots of us ram.”
Mars UFOs told a war office sage, “beg a sec, if for a wad lots of us ram.”
A nitro jambalaya pot we pan is sold as a sad loss in a pew to pay a lab, Major Tina.
Now if I say so, grab a fab argosy as if I won.
“Del, Io/Ganymede made lots ill,” a capo rued, “Europa/Callisto led a Mede my nag oiled.”
Sun a rude vase nut pen; Saturn is Mars, uneven if as acidic as a fine Venus: rams in rut as Neptune saved Uranus.
Ere hot decals erode, I fit a rotten net to ratified ores laced to here.
Won’t one race we kill appal like we care not now?
Pup, may a war a foot too far away amp up?
“We don’t soldier away as it’s a foot too fast,” I say, aware I’d lost no dew.
Nosy alpine men I play, son.
Set arcana nab banana crates.
10 Oct 2008
One-rut albatross essay asses sort a blase sugar as a rag uses albatross essay assessor tablature, no?
To get a ripe nib as a reward, assess a drawer a Sabine pirate got.
To get a rake-off, fit sane ponies I rise in open a stiff foe karate got.
Drat, such clumsy obese boys mulch custard!
“Hey, as I trade no pederast in fine drag, Siamese boys mulch clumsy obese Mai’s garden if nits are deponed art,” I say, eh?
An index – even one! – vexed Nina.
Tonsured nihility rots a story ’til I hinder us not.
Do not emit stiff odes; sip ’til I oil it: pissed off, it’s time to nod.
Duodenal pastilles in a can I sell: it’s a planed oud.
If US guns assert Sid is an imam in a war, did I draw an imam in as I distress a snug sufi?
1 Oct 2008
“Delia, we cane men!” one menace wailed.
To lash taped art, I trade paths a lot.
I sew a lush Sultan robe now as I saw one born at lush Sulawesi.
San Antonio koi – not Nana’s – live to pot evil San Antonio koi – not Nana’s.
Warden Ruth’s a Barbie doll I venally did as a sad idyll, an evil lode I bra-bash turned raw.
To lay a bad egg, anti-semite Moslem academia maimed a camel: sometimes it nagged a bay a lot.

17 Sep 2008

Masseur Bob rues Sam.
Masseuse babe sues Sam.
Masseuses are stolen; one lots erase sues Sam.
Masseuses are set among a harem; a camera hag no mates erase sues Sam.
Masseuses I minimised as I lap Nina made me edit eyes or prose, yet I deemed a man in palisades I minimise sues Sam.
Pat no elastic; it’s ale on tap.
“Ski burdened”, I wailed, “Traci, buck cubic art Delia widened: Rubik’s.”
Hotels ‘n’ I, we take part in a cosy democracy car comedy; so can it rape Kate Winslet? … oh.
Marilyn, I’ve a ram … Ron, Norma Rae vinyl I ram.
Part Nero, part didgeridoo: he’s La Fleur, canoe dude on a cruel falsehood I, Reg, did trap or entrap.
Des, I lit up a cigarette lighter, a zany Nazareth GI letter a GI cap utilised.
As I let a sot emit one, Kate who lived as I did is a devil … oh, we take no time to sate Lisa.
Now is a tie-tag no lesser a cross I kiss or caress? … elongate it as I won.
Shot put ogre vented: “ABC bad: ET never got up to ‘H’s”.
“Titanic,” I summarise, “Yes, I ram music in at it”.
We fanatical ilk nip nine men; in pink lilac, I tan a few.
Liaison is a cerise disaster, an impolite bite, yet I bet I lop minarets: as I desire casinos, I ail.
Dash to bodies, run a saline, divide nil: as a nurse, I do both … sad.
To pat cafe trades I’m in, I maximise it in a sniff of off insanities; I mix a minimised artefact, a pot.
To get a mass aroma fox, I may beg remote Meg: rush, kiss me, opening nine poems Sikhs urge me to merge by a mix of a morass a mate got.
Now is it, if I may ask, colder if I tell if a fillet I fired locks a yam? … if it is, I won!
Nurses, I lit up a Saxon ox a sap utilises … run!
Trackless arcades I minimise; yes, I minimised a crass elk cart.
Stolen opals I fix if I slap one lots.
Deified, amused, under moss I let Amy bury me, Kate: take my ruby, mate lissom red nudes Uma deified.
Tin: it senses a goddess I kissed, do gases nest in it?
Pals stole cosmetic items ocelots slap.
Do Omani/Siam abodes say baby-assed Obama is in a mood?
“Traded, no bared nudes I ram must sip a radical acid,” a rapist summarised under a bonded art.
Now if low loofahs upset a ripe raw late-model Bible, do metalware pirates push a fool wolf I won?
Evil assent I won, Eva, else Popes leave no witness alive.
Devil in a moonlit nude rift: it fired until no Omani lived.
29 Aug 2008
He may at last salt a yam, eh?
Sled at icy citadels.
Max, I stay alert in a cosy port, new as if I saw entropy, so can it relay at six a.m.?
So I dare not, on Omega Pi, page monotone radios.
Dialled omelette spun at a rat an upset tele-model laid.
Non-expatriates punish taps as paths in upset air tap xenon.
Draw an isle to her arena for profane rare hotels in a ward.
Draw an opus upon a ward.
Repatriate lots to let air taper.
Em spots an infidel cycled if Nina stops me.
Tim, oilrig Asian infidels add a sled if Nina is a girl I omit.
A harem attache can assess an Aceh cat tamer … aha!
“Yank citadels I’m sawing”, I say, “a sign I was misled a tick? … nay.”
“Ref, nine men in stark cots stock rats,” nine men infer.
Didgeridoo gone: no good I, Reg, did.
Did a hi-fidelity lid rat set a debt in a cross, or can it be dates, tardily-tiled if I had ID?
Tie mitts in a task coma; tell Liz I’ll let a mock satanist time it.
“Anal sex: if faster germs it opened, I won’t never prevent no wide nepotism regrets,” affixes Lana.
Bosses run to here; here hot nurses sob.
He parts arboreal Evon’s novel aero-bra strap, eh?
Do owl-like noon telegrams, Marge, let no-one kill wood?

20 Aug 2008

“Amuse Iran”, I drone, “pose so roses open ordinaries, Uma.”
Ned rages, “Order a forewoman, a mower of a red rose garden!”
Nod, or ten alpacas may assess a yam sac a plane trod on.
Epochs as an act: can a sash cope?
Dahlia petals aren’t raped in sadness: send a snide partner a slate pail had.
Define vocality ’til a coven I fed.
Moo lazily, Ned: deny Liz a loom.
Moo rarely, TV ilk: OK Liv Tyler a room.
Trade paths if a fish taped art.
Stolen in rut as we sign it, I desire poor tar a paratrooper is editing; I sew saturnine lots.
10 Aug 2008
Yaks say moths a lad dated act like non-actor’s rot: can one kilt cadet add a lash to my ass, Kay?
Denied a wisp in sea glades, are not felspar traps left on erased algae snips I wade in, Ed?
Raffish, pat one cow, tote no-one to two cenotaphs if far.
Staff lug new ones … oh, those now engulf fats!
Nooses unit: is it in use soon?
Nooses are items ikons eye; yes, no kismet I erase soon.
Moor a Nixon aide – mock comedian ox – in a room.
Moor bared nudes in a gap paganised under a broom.
Knit some matelots some moss to let a memo stink.
“Pure pacifists are deponed”, I sniff, “inside no pederasts if I caper up.”
Tastier, eh? … we’re where it’s at!
An anableps ogles Nita’s tit; it’s a tinsel gospel banana.
Moody motto: “Oblate madnesses send a metal boot to my doom”.
Em and I put sad Ahehsay away, as he had a stupid name.
Deboned; I ban a citadel I’m sure Peru smiled at: I can abide no bed.
Ada: lo, can I produce cud or pina colada?
Tip a motel ball at a fish; tap paths if at all able to map it.
Did rose, gardenia, geranium etc. arts ban an abstract emu in a regained rage (sordid)?
Sex: impugn it, film it or rap a poor troop a parrot I’m lifting up mixes.
Won’t Radio Nara prefer paranoid art now?
9 Jul 2008
To get a man, I get a date gin a mate got.
On Sparse Wednesday, my ads end ewes’ raps, no?
No, Geronimo, deer fret over a rare voter freedom in Oregon.
Revelatory America in a maniac ire may rot a lever.
Timid royal procrastinating is Ed’s design: I tan its arc or play or dim it.
So I ran ecstasy ads; sapid, I pass days at scenarios.
No, we do ID a level a diode won.
Tia wastes sugar bale DNA costs I list, so candelabra gussets await.
“Butanol” I aver, “prevents umpired art, as a trade rip must never prevail on a tub”.
Wonder-obsesser predicts albinism or female damsels in isles made lame from sin: I blast cider presses; bored now.
Rae hisses so pitiably; mad as sad amyl bait I possess, I hear.
Eustasy by Alan: in a lay-by sat Sue.
“Hey Lisa, enemy call a gel oceany-green!” sneer gynaeco-legal lacy men easily, eh?
Bombard ’em at starred loci, not at a catatonic older rat’s tame drab mob.
Tides, sorcery, lateness or calamaris: as I ram a lacrosse net, a lyre crossed it.
Eva, can I, a red lacy lion, assess an oily caldera in a cave?
Eva, can I sport lacy caltrops in a cave?
‘Tis burlap: a pal rubs it.
“Rot” I deem a tart lucite tap I repair; I, a peripatetic ultra-tame editor.
Tie: it is a spastic item, so can I tip it in a cosmetic it saps as I tie it?
Deny fit Ned is God ere dogs identify Ned.
Sonic cup packs I revive risk cappuccinos.
Serum mixes, sex immures.

Pansies or a rose I snap. [71]

6 Jun 2008
Peel snot I’m reporting I bar often, as it is a net for a big nitro permit on sleep.
Did I fix a typo? … can I set up mock computes in a copy tax if I did?
Did I say a benign IT casing I sign is acting in Ebay as I did?
Let O’Hara mar a hotel.
Now an intrepid lab I raged in, snide Garibaldi, pert Nina won.
Slam Ron, batter Brett: abnormals!
One camera per prison? … O Sir, prepare mace, no?
19 May 2008
Desire my lopsided arteries, or a rose I re-traded is polymerised.
Evita rots, erases old nasturtium essays, or asks a rosy-ass emu: it ruts and loses a restorative.
Guns fired, I arm a ram-raider if snug.
10 May 2008
I may argue I limp, mad as a damp milieu: gray am I.
3 Apr 2008
So I loft nail pots to pliant folios.
Did rosy obese boys or all acrobats stab or call a rosy obese boy sordid?
Now die: R.I.P., maven of lower ewe notes; set one werewolf one vampire I’d won.
Snort celestial plots I pan; a pistol plaits electrons.
Evasion is a car of tools; it is loot for a casino I save.
Gnash teeth to bosses’ uses so both teeth sang.
“No Telecaster frets ace let me gag a lot: ere fret nine, maestros err, or resort seamen interfere to lag,” a gem Telecaster frets ace let on.
13 Mar 2008
To lay aside poor dissipated acts in a non-AWOL lair, I allow an onanist cadet a piss: “I drooped!” I say a lot.
“O jammed nabobs, a reef a snide man stole corrupted a cadet”, purr ocelots named – in safe eras – Bob and Emma-Jo.
‘Til less rot I deliver, evil editors sell it.
Deliveries run to hate, yet a hot nurse I reviled.
“Des, I, Tina Smith, girl-at-call, I will act alright: I’m sanitised!”
4 Feb 2008
Done raw, a nut can act unaware; nod.
Stare not, stare not, else dudes let one rat stone rats.
Staple domes on a level a nose model pats.
No wire papayas I raffle stipulate metal – plate metal! – up itself far”, I say, “a paper I won.”
O slate bidet, a sod I bilk radared nudes used under a dark libido, sated, I bet, also.
30 Jan 2008
I’m a Dane; a maenad, am I?
Wasting is a sign I won, knowing is a sign it saw.
Reviled dire women I do if, for a fat solicitor esteemed under a bar, a bared nude meet’s erotic: I lost a far-off iodine mower I’d deliver.
23 Jan 2008
Won’t I Xerox a fax or exit now?
No, Tasmania gained a den; I again am sat on.
We sew no melanin in a lemon we sew.
Now I’d named no-one, no foe was selfless; as selfless awe of one noon demand I won.

17 Jan 2008
“Di, as I nurse it, I lit so hot a gel as to let (on a note) lotsa legato hostilities run”, I said.
Put in Rubik cube now: as I saw one buck, I burn it up.
No nurses OD on PCP, no doses run on.
He eructates pus I’d nab and is upset at cure, eh?
Eructate sputum, son; no smut upset at cure.
Eructate semen I fed to lasses sane men assess a lot; define me set at cure.
Em eyes Ned; I am sad-eyed: a camera had eyed a harem a cad eyed as maidens eye me.
10 Jan 2008
Sam rubs madams – Burma’s.
To get a mania, grab a bargain a mate got.
To gain a man in a mania, grab a bargain a man in a mania got.
Nets afire, monomania truces abate; so to set a base curtain, a monomer I fasten.
Nets afire, monomania trucks a maddened damask curtain, a monomer I fasten.
Nets I lose can nip a pinnace, so listen!
Nets I lose can ruffle symbols amid a sad “I’m-a-slob-myself” furnace, so listen!
Nets I omit can add an act I moisten.
Nets a hero bared nullify a mix I may fill under a bore … hasten!
Refasten art nine poetic eroded amici made; do recite “open intranet safer”.
Moths, if refastened on a node, net safer fish, Tom.
03 Jan 2008
Di, beg never to hasten tisane men, as it nets a hot revenge bid.
“Now if I’d dash a jar, a hamster frets,” maharajahs add if I won.

31 Dec 2007
Vietnamese tarts’ acting is a sign it castrates ’em, ante IV.
Aims on a site so nasal are feral as a nose: ’tis anosmia.
Pull a beetroot to Otto, or tee ball up.
27 Dec 2007
Tim, Dan acts if I cap a sap, as a pacifist can admit.
Rednesses or a note let a mate let on a rose’s sender.
Define myriad imams in a gap as a paganism amid airy men I fed.
So oral laws are verified on a node: I fire Vera’s wallaroos.
Slave octuplets – oh, a top satanism! – sin at a spot a hostel put coevals.
24 Dec 2007
Nurse, I tire: venal, priapic, in a panic, I pair plane verities … run!
Traci, many do real aerodynamic art.
Mel ogled a ticklish silk citadel golem.
Snail art suaveness enacted etc. an Essene v. Australians.
Sinusoid art I signal’s not tuba button slang, is it? … radio sun is.
18 Dec 2007
Red dugong genitalia terrorise me, Sir, or retail a tin eggnog udder.
Snail: it persevered, ruminated under a red nude tan: “I murder Eve’s reptilians”.
Marian I ram as a marina I ram.
“No, it rots,” I droned, “I am a foe of a maiden – or distortion.”
“Parities reverse it,” I rap.
14 Dec 2007
Nail a Moslem act so laden ruts turned a lost camel Somalian.
10 Dec 2007
Cain, a monomaniac, sees Cain, a monomaniac.
A rep on a task can see snacks at an opera.
Dilated, I bed a jar of pot as a top for a bidet; a lid.
Busy LED under a dark-cap flower, omen of one more wolf-pack, radared nudely: sub.
“Detail a termite!” Tim retaliated.
“Straddle hot elder A.J.” says Sissy, as Jared Leto held darts.
Dali bade both to bed a bi lad.
30 Nov 2007
Spare parts, rudder frames or prose mar Fred Durst rape raps.
15 Nov 2007
A glossolalia web won’t now bewail a loss, Olga.
Tonya doth promise to veto rote votes I morph today … not.
Murderee, never ask a yak firer if kayaks are veneered rum.
Red now, Asia is sure Russia is a wonder.
30 Oct 2007
No, we both promise I’m on ocean, anableps; I dispel banana economies I morph to be won.
Did I do ghosts? … oh God, I did!
Nurse, I democratise cinema game: nice sitar comedies run.
So to no greener esplanade Tim must ride; nor on dirt summited an alp serene, ergo not O/S.
Seton’s sabotage: legato bass notes.
Defer a shallot; ayatollahs are fed.
Burn a cigarette rag I can rub.
“Tide mate taken in”, I say, as if I say asinine Kate tamed it.
New-era style tome remits us nectar at census time remotely, Tsar Ewen.
So, Ed, I verify Blair tapes EPA trial-by-fire videos.
Net aerial: by not signing up mistier ire it’s impugning, is Tony Blair eaten?
No herd acts in an onanist cadre, hon.
Bush’s in a data warding issue: torpid as a re-voting nit over a sad “I, Proteus” sign I draw at a Danish sub.

25 Oct 2007
Spare parts rudder frames in oil I lionise mar Fred Durst rape raps.
Sex obese LA pensioner nixes; sex in Reno is Nepalese boxes.
Pull a llama, Dana Cabot, in a Manitoba Canada mall, all up.
Crass orgasm regret: fast, sullen, it nests in an onanist sentinel, lusts after germs, a gross arc.
Dip a root’s tip in tactile rife fire-lit catnip: it’s too rapid.

17 Oct 2007
To give Levi a name Deon ate, get an oedema naive Levi got.
Wonderbra gyms: is my garb red now?
Demi Moore cinema tasks a tame nice roo mimed.
To note dull aisles made vital up in a motel, I pay a pile to manipulative damsels I allude to not.
Ducal lips spill a cud.
So Genevese divide seven egos.
Suborn actors in Ephesus, eh? … penis rot can rob us.
Suborn action: I sack Roy, we nag a New York casino; it can rob us.
We naively allay Levi anew.

10 Oct 2007
Trade tin UFOs’ work cats in; I stack rows of united art.
Spill a tin egg I bottle, belay a Yale belt to big genital lips.
Dig ruts: it is turgid.
Stacy, moths add dash to my cats.
Tubas abut.
No nurse is at NAFTA, ergo great fantasies run on.
Snot pellets ape pastel leptons.
Parcel truths in a Danish turtle crap.
Suborn acting: I saw a sign it can rob us.

5 Oct 2007
Muse on a canoe sum.
Too big a bag I boot.
Stark rowers rework rats.
Stark codicil or frolic: I dock rats.
Define men as sane men I fed.
Define men I pull, as any nasal lupine men I fed.
Egress assured, I hide Russ as Serge.
Elitist Alf’s flats I tile.
Trades are erased art.
Nodes are erased art trades are erased on.
Nodes are erased on stats nodes are erased on.
Trades are erased on stats, nodes are erased art.
Nat raps: “Am I on PCP? No, I’m a Spartan!”
Mud, Ned, upset a knot on Kate’s pudendum.
Daedalus, nine pianists err as nuns arrest Sinai Peninsula dead.
Determine bat order (it’s my gym’s tired rota): Ben, Imre, Ted.
Eye-popping odd errata sees a tarred dog nip Popeye.
Emetic xenon, excite tapir epees if I see peripatetic xenon excite me.
Deep sleep or DNA can drop eel speed.
My gym foes’ union on a sill is a no-no in use of my gym.
A lone wolf, lest I dial, laid itself low, Enola.
Tundra has sorceries less elongated, a jade tag no less, else I re-cross a hard nut.
To LSU, O engineer, game escrow orcs seem a green igneous lot.
All Ivan ironed rages; or animals I slam in a rosegarden or in a villa.
Dew Angela made erases a reed a male gnawed.
Lives in Italy: Rome masks a memory; Latin is evil.
A Mede on an alpine fen: I plan an oedema.
As I let a rig nip a toe, dive by Amy, maybe videotaping irate Lisa.
Now a sign is open, I manipulate men; I mine metal up in a mine; posing, I saw on.
Rajahs ask Lisa to get a date, yet a date got a silk sash ajar.
“Part a tonsil,” an academial corps proclaimed, “a canal is not a trap.”
O native clod, ales reverse “la dolce vita”, no?
Enid, rastafarian emu-men air a fat sardine.
Tact, solemnities, a bed and Edna: debase it in me, lost cat.
“Now it’s a Canopus Eye,” cited I, “eel bait: a snide Zagreb-born robber gazed insatiable eidetic eyes upon a cast I won.”
Woven of olive damask, code docks a mad evil of one vow.
Retinues row, as I tell a man a mallet is a worse uniter.
Yawed insanities reverse it in a snide way.
Cares are vowed; for evil sadnesses send a sliver of dew over a serac.

29 May 2007

Poor taste wets a troop.
Leah career-uprooted artists I trade to or puree, Rachael.
Now I may let a lost lamb or a cat at a carob malt, so lately am I won?
Ah, Tabatha … I raped a jade pariah, Tabatha.
“To lay a sewer, O Metallica, vacillate more,” we say a lot.
Red artsy obese boys trade lucid Iron Maiden solos, Ned: I am no ridiculed artsy obese boys’ trader.
“Punish serfs,” testified a rapist, “it’s Hannah’s tits I parade if it sets fresh sin up.”

7 May 2007
I mask rap as ordered; Rosa Parks am I.

Six Essene gyms are not as selfless a toner as my Gene’s sex is.

I deny organising is editors’ sarcasms; a crass rot I design is in a groyne, Di.

“Nurse!” I call, after cesspit level tips, “secret fallacies run”.

“Amen!” I claimed, “A canine mows women in academial cinema”.

Set on delivery, metal locks a man in a crisis: I, Sir, can – in a mask – collate my reviled notes.

Now is a video booty call a fallacy to oboe divas I won?

Gnu test, O Amy, assumed emus say “Mao Tse-Tung”.

A tinsel sign (simple hotel truth) subsumed a mad emu’s bush turtle to help missing isles, Nita.

If I flee from life, film or feel Fifi.

Notarise lame females I rat on.

Pull a cilia tail I call up.

Nisei babies sit up if I put issei babies in.

Til aide waste let irony, sir, copy hypocrisy, no rite lets awe dial it.

A race made us sing: “I’d no cross, arch, crass or condign issue, Dame Cara”.

Note both self-same new arts, all a-rut and natural-last raw enemas; flesh to bet on.

“Now on a bad day, a minima idiot revealed ‘Nam: no slender brewer bred Nelson Mandela ever to Idi Amin,” I may add, aba now on.

Deliverer, as we Jews use Jesus, we Jews are reviled.

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  1. Martin I just read on Dick’s blog that you are off to the US for the inaugural palindrome contest. Not sure if this will generate an email to you, but wanted to wish you good luck and great words.

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